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  1. How To Set CometChat For Certain Usergroups

    the latter you mean. But the code i put without forums, worked for me.
  2. How To Set CometChat For Certain Usergroups

    didn't worked for me Found the error. You need to put a code as follows (put your own groups ofc) {{if \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->inGroup (array(3,4,6,7,8))}}<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="/cometchat/js.php"></script><link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" media="all" href="/cometchat/css.php" />{{endif}} If doesnt work, put your exact url, like /forums/cometchat/js.php + /forums/cometchat/css.php Now it works
  3. General information for the website: I need a quick modification for a Invision Board Application -> CalendarKind of development: Customization of existing websiteDescription of requirements/features: Invision Board have an application called Calendar.In there you can post Events that you create through the application and when you do that, it show on the calendar with a line, that have the first letters of the title of the event. Check this photo understand how it looks now:https://image.ibb.co/d9C7Rw/Calendar_Now.jpg1. The first change we want to achieve, is to have a different icon for each event, that it will show within each event page and also on the calendar itself instead of the line it have. Will be a specific size and it will show instead of the line that is created there. Check this image to understand how it will look on the calendar: https://image.ibb.co/d5eyYb/Calendar_finalresult.png2. The second change, is that within each calendar event, it has a Cover Photo. There we need to have a simple change of the size of the image, so it can "host" a bigger image. https://image.ibb.co/jznADb/insideevent.jpg (the size we have now it's very limited, we need to be able to host an image 960x503 in pixels.Extra notes: We need to have along a documentation what code is changed, so if we have any new updates on our forum in the future, be able to repeat the changes ourselves, so we can add this functionality again. I can pay 10-15 euro for this change if someone can do it. I can proceed through paypal. A good profile within Webflake will show us that you are serious on this
  4. Pinned Threads / Featured

    A simple question, as i havent used ips a long time now. When i pin a thread, normally should be displayed in all forums? Like Rules of the forum thread. Or post it elsewhere? Ty in advance
  5. IPS Calendar | 3 Questions

    Pity, is there someone who can help me achieve 2nd, for a small fee?
  6. IPS Calendar | 3 Questions

    1. I see, so newsletter only way. 2. I see, so is there any code i can put to custom.css , so i can have a simple image instead of the link in each event? The same one, if it's not possible an image per event 3. Till new version is released, can i change somewhere that code? So it can accept bigger images? I have tried to find it through firebug, but no luck yet
  7. IPS Calendar | 3 Questions

    Hey, ty for the reply 1. So you mean only a specific group be able to see the calendar right? No it's something different, the only alternative i can see, is send a newsletter every week with all the added events somehow 2. No the events i will create are only last one day (to be specific, last from 2 to 4 hours). Nothing else, to explain more, it's matches of a basketball team or special events that last only one day (promo events). So it will be only for one day every time. If i could connect somehow each event (i don't know if it takes any special id) with a specific image, and then set that that image (lets say something that i will attach on each event) will be displayed on the calendar. 3. I tried on calendar event, to add a bigger image, as a cover photo for the event, but didn't worked. It only allowed the specific size it have and asked me to reposition it if i like.
  8. IPS Calendar | 3 Questions

    The ideal situation for 2nd question, would be to have a specific icon/image display for every event you create each time, but i assume that would be a great job to do, so for this i proposed to have the same one each time. It will still look better than the line it produces the calendar itself
  9. IPS Calendar | 3 Questions

    Hey, i am using some days now again IPS, so if i ask something that i have missed, sorry in advance I am building a new forum, and plan to use Calendar for events. We were using till now Facebook Events, but i am trying to make it work with the calendar app. First one, is if there is a way to invite all the members of group A in the event i am creating. In FB Events that's possible, is there a way to do it in IPS? So i can send a notification to all members. Second: - This is how it looks now when i put a new event. It create this red line on the date i have chosen. What i want to do, and put it on Custom.css if possible, so it will stay in any new update, is to replace that line with an icon. The same icon everytime i add a new event. Check the following image to understand how it must show Is that possible somehow? So everytime the image that it will show, would be that same icon. And third, if i can change somehow Cover Photo of Events Size. And have a bigger one in pixels, for example 960x503 Thank to everyone that will devote some time on this. Been here since Forumcore, which i think it was the name of the community in the past. I havent used forums for some time now (as an admin) and its wonderful how great Webflake evolved. Great job, ty
  10. Titan Theme - Strange Cover - How to remove?

    Thnx again for your time at last
  11. Titan Theme - Strange Cover - How to remove?

    Ty for your valuable time, sent you a pm friend
  12. Hello everyone, Titan theme it's in my humble opinion, a very nice theme, but in the releases i have found around internet, there is a strange bug. To be more specific, in the demo site, here: It's perfect, but if you try to install it, it produces a strange cover in front of the image, check the images to understand what i mean: https://ibb.co/jiVA7G (check the arrow) It produces that "cover". Is that a bug of the theme, or it can be removed somehow? In the demo i posted above, there is no visible this effect, check the arrows here: https://ibb.co/i6v2nG