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  1. @ShadowS Is right here its very very hard to find players anymore
  2. I thing Fortnite is dead right now more players are use to play League Of Legends or FiveM
  3. GTA Cause is more easy to find players
  4. Netflix because with 11 euro i can see everything
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqxLy_f_wuk
  6. Roblox is not a game is just something annoying because here in kids come and play this game in internet cafe and we cant play a good game like PUBG
  7. I prefer in GTA because I want to have my custom server (FiveM) and also beucase GTA V have more users playing online than Watchdogs
  8. Hello from me I am very find but I live in Greece so here we have 40 degrees Celsius xd
  9. Hello I have a problem . Although I did 5 posts for taking back my Normal Status I can't download everything why ? pls help me Yours Sincerily Eythymios
  10. I prefer in Night because I love stars
  11. Hello I started learning Html and after a lot of lessons I managed how to make a site It's not perfect but I tryed
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