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    This is a fantastic theme! Easy AF to customize and it just looks great! Top notch! Thanks for sharing.
  1. I recently tried xenforo just for fun and i can say that I did not think it was fun. IPB beats xenforo all the way. But that's just my opinion.
    To get this working I had to extract the js_composer folder and zip it. The original zip path is "WPbaker.../js_components/js_components/alot of folders and files. The folder you should extract and re-zip is the one marked above. This plugin seems to be working fine (so far) on Wordpress 5.0.2 Thank you for sharing!
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Greek Invision is a simple yet nice looking responsive theme. A light theme with darker colors. Easy to customize and edit. Worked fine on 4.3.6 Author name: Ciko

  3. Version 1.0.0


    I came across this pack of good lookin' Rank bars. I included the two fonts that are needed. The pack includes PSD and PNG. These are not made by me but someone who calls theirselves "Doc".

  4. Absolutely PUBG. Unless you like jumping around, throwing shit to build walls and just being full on ADHD. Fortnite is pure crap. Like playing Lego Batman or something.
  5. Thank you! Nice pointers! Will try this when I get the time too
  6. I’ve been using Kaspersky Total Security for about two years. It works great! Also it does not affect the computers performance in any way which is kinda nice! Kaspersky also includes 300MB of VPN usage per day and a “safe browser” that you can use when making payments.
  7. Dogs. All the way! Loyal, sweet and cuddly and also a true member on the family! Unlike cats... don’t get me started.
  8. Until one year ago i would not listen to this but my mind was surprisingly enough changed. My friend told me to listen to Post Malones song "Go flex". So i googled Post Malone, and i remembered hearing his song White iverson before so i was sceptical about this. But about 30 seconds into "Go Flex" i was hooked. Now i almost always listen to his songs! It's not mind dead lyrics. They actually all have a meaning in a way.
  9. In my opinion both of them are quite.. not boring but they make me feel like not playing them. Battlefield 1 was fun for a couple of weeks when it was released but the weapons was so incredibly boring! They barely hurt anyone and the range is ridiculously short. Unless you play sniper.. Battlefield V had a good start. The weapons was way more fun than in BF1! But after 10+ hours you get the feeling that you play BF1 again. Boring weapons and shit range once again. I know that weapons was not as good and evolved as the ones we have today. But still, it is a game. It's meant to be fun. And for me this is just not fun. THIS IS MY PERSONAL OPINION. I know many of you won't agree with me but please don't get butt hurt.
  10. BMW. Comparing BMW to a VW.. I mean Audi.. sorry. Same sh** different name. “BMW cost more to repair” I can hear many readers think. But the reason why they are more expensive is probably because they are made with quality and not quantity. BMW holds up way longer than the plastic cup cars. But if you buy a BMW that have 5000k miles on it, it will for sure be expensive in the long run. But for the first owner of that 5000k miles BMW it was a blast only having to change oil and break pads. B)
  11. In my opinion iOS kicks androids green little ass. I have had two android phones. Both of them gave me a living hell. The first one was slow and dumb(for being a smart phone), I had to clear the ram manually 2-4 times a day. The second one was okay. Until it decided to get all suicidal and dead for no reason at all. After that I went back to iPhone. I do not support apples foul play with updates slowing down phones and shit (Android did that too) but iOS never fails on me. I don’t have to restart my phone or manually clear the ram. I am not a apple fan boy. I am just honest.
  12. Great explanation, thank you! Well i guess that i'll change webhost when i notice that the speed is low, until then i'll work on finishing the site.. Maybe someone could take this Forum post down so others doesn't get tricked like i was?