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  1. Great explanation, thank you! Well i guess that i'll change webhost when i notice that the speed is low, until then i'll work on finishing the site.. Maybe someone could take this Forum post down so others doesn't get tricked like i was?
  2. Now i understand what you mean after looking it up myself! I was confused by you writing 100mo/s, i was like "What do you mean by 100 months!?".. I still am a little confused by it.. So what you're saying is that Unlimited Bandwidth is a lie? But still i can't see how the price is too high? I pay $3 a month. Although it's shared hosting, but i haven't noticed any slow speeds yet and i have used this for 2 weeks now. Or is shared hosting not something for a start-up forum to consider?
  3. I'm not that educated in the matter to say anything about CP's. I'm gonna read up on this. I don't understand what you mean, could you elaborate? They have Unlimited bandwidth?
  4. Yeah i saw that too now.. they’ll probably get more servers soon. yeah their website is okay, pretty much the same as other hosting companies. You have a control panel and all that good stuff..
  5. Hello all! I would like to share with you a web host that i am really pleased with! They are very supportive and help with everything there is. And they respond fast as well! It took them about 30 minutes to set up my web server and Domain name. They ignore DMCA and help you set up your site with cloudflare. The prices are great and so is the performance. And no. I do not work for them or anything. I am just very pleased with their product!
  6. Thank you both gentlemen! This was the soloution i needed!
  7. Thank you for answering Cookie Monster! I will do that in the future and I will try to restore the old uploads folder when I get home! Thank you for all of your help so far! Will probably get stuck with something again soon..
  8. Hello Davlin. I have tried to do that.. Nothing happened, thanks for answer! Thank you for answer titcrunch! The uploads folder permissions are 755. Is there any one else who has upgraded from 4.2.6 to 4.2.7 with this problem? Also i found that the reaction images in forum are also broken. Just my luck i guess! I see! Then that might be what's causing this. I followed some tutorial as this was the first time i've done any upgrade. I saved all old files within a folder and then uploaded the new files. So i should just overwrite the old files next time?
    Works perfectly on 4.2.7. Plug and play! Thank you BrammerN for supplying us with this theme!
  9. Hello! Not until today i noticed that after the upgrade to 4.2.7 the profile pictures where broken. I didn't notice it since i was on my own computers with cookies and such saved. When i tried it in incognito i got to witness the problem. My fix was to just re-upload profile picture but there must be some kind of way to fix this?
    Upgraded without any problems! Thank you Davlin!
  10. And this is how you won me over! I was a frequent user at another website such as this with nulled IPB. I'm sold. Edit: How ever I Don't like the download restriction.