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  1. Behemoth Theme

    Works perfectly on 4.2.7. Plug and play! Thank you BrammerN for supplying us with this theme!
  2. Profile pictures broken

    Hello! Not until today i noticed that after the upgrade to 4.2.7 the profile pictures where broken. I didn't notice it since i was on my own computers with cookies and such saved. When i tried it in incognito i got to witness the problem. My fix was to just re-upload profile picture but there must be some kind of way to fix this?
  3. [WF NULL] IPS Community Suite

    Upgraded without any problems! Thank you Davlin!
  4. Good web hosting

    Im using flaunt7.com and i'm impressed how they work. The support is amazing and helps you fix whatever problem you have. The price is good. Look them up.
  5. And this is how you won me over! I was a frequent user at another website such as this with nulled IPB. I'm sold. Edit: How ever I Don't like the download restriction.