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  1. Samsung creates already dead phones. follows upgrades in the high end. Huawei in my miserable opinion is much more well cared for even in security patches alone.
  2. I tried an iphone and was very disappointed with its limitations. They talk about security, but honestly I prefer android because it allows many more customizations.
  3. Windows 10 is a nice evolution of the system. Once I was convinced that systems like ios or linux were the best ever. Today I'm sure that Windows 10 is becoming more reliable even at work.
  4. I replaced the original dns. I have a limited web hosting space, so useless I waste still time. Thank you very much to everyone for their answers.
  5. Common you can see I don't have many options that your plesk panel includes. maybe it's an old version, or my hosting offers it in a reduced version.
  6. I did everything as recommended by the support but I have not yet received the activation. I have changed 2 ns server but 6 days have passed without receiving mail or other type of notice. My hosting offers plesk1 and I don't find this option you say. Maybe it's too old as a version?
  7. Hi everyone. Do you know how to configure CloudFlare DNS in the plesk panel? Sorry if it is not the correct section for this content, but I did not know where to ask
  8. Thank you to all the people who responded. I have had confirmation that there are many countries that use this beautiful site. For me, we can close the discussion
  9. It's my curiosity, but it's also nice to know what parts of the world we're talking to I read this site from Italy
  10. Version 1.0.14


    Italian Traduzione Italiana aggiornata alla versione 4.3.x Ho tradotto questo forum in Italiano utilizzando un traduttore perchè non parlo bene la lingua inglese. Non è quindi professionale ed è il motivo per il quale la distribuisco gratis. Siete liberi di provarla, ma se non vi piace la potete eliminare. Comprende Forum - Core - Calendar - Converter ed è distribuita gratis anche sul forum ufficiale IPS Per segnalare eventuali errori potete mandarmi un messaggio privato English Italian translation updated to version 4.3.x I translated this forum into Italian using a translator because I don't speak English well. So it's not professional and that's why I distribute it for free. You are free to try it, but if you don't like it you can eliminate it. Includes Forums - Core - Calendar - Converter and is distributed for free on the official IPS forum To report any errors you can send me a private message

  11. I am a fan of invision forums. I have found some improvements on this site and for this reason I thank you for the work you do. Sorry for the language, but without a translator I wouldn't be able to communicate as it should with you.