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  1. Hello, i need to set a payment fee, only for paypal method. ex: Product X price is: 20 so, if you buy whit manual check the price is: 20 if you buy with paypal, price is: 22 there are any setttings or trick that can do it? thanks in advance!
    Thanks for sharing, works great on 4.3.3
  2. Thank you for reminder! mod rewrite was disabled, after enabling that, all works good. Thank you!
  3. hello, i have tried to turn on rewrite urls but i give anyway an error message: The rewriting does not seem to be working. This may be because you have not uploaded the .htaccess file, but may be a false error if your community is not generally accessible. Check friendly URLs are working, and if they are not, ensure you have uploaded the .htaccess file correctly or contact technical support for assistance. i have uploaded the .htaccess file but still showing tjhis error, also if i try to navigate on forum board, i recive a 404 NOT FOUND error
  4. In order you use IPS Focus theme, you can go to ACP > THEMES > Click edit HTML & CSS > now select CSS column go to CSS > core > front > customs and select _ipsfocus_base.css now scroll down and find this lines as you can see in this image delete the content as example: BEFORE: .ipsNavBar_primary li[data-navapp="nexus"] > a:before{ content: "\f07a" } AFETR: .ipsNavBar_primary li[data-navapp="nexus"] > a:before{ content: "" }
  5. hello, what theme are you using? So, in almost cases, you can find in acp, html/css the file you need to be modified. Check: css > custom
  6. Hello Isabel! thank you! i'm from Milan, not really beautiful but i love my little/big city
  7. Hello guys! i'm hardxeno from italy, thanks for all work around webflake, thats awesome community!
  8. You can set this option of course, so: Go to ACP Commerce Products Select the product you wnat to set expire Go to Store & Purchase tab enable "Return to previous group when purchase expires or is canceled?" and set options enable " Remove from groups when purchase expires or is canceled? " and set options Go to Pricing tab and enable renews then go to Client Area and disable " Allow customer to renew? "
  9. This is an update message, IPB have released a new version today 4.2.8, you can remove this message on home screen, simply following these steps: Go to your ACP: Edit your theme in html & css, then search : ipsMessage select : updateWarning => comment the code whit: <!-- you code page of updateWarning --> Save and reload home page. i think WF release as soon 2.2.8 nulled
    Same as xodiak, ipb application tab says this app is 2.2.4. but everything work well.