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  1. Seperate Registration for Subforums

    Alright, no problem! Good luck!
  2. Seperate Registration for Subforums

    There are multiple posibilities here: Let them manage the subforums and all the members. Let them manage the subforums and no members at all. They can not manage the subforums but they can manage all the members.
  3. Seperate Registration for Subforums

    No problem, glad to help out. First of all, I don't think it is possible to make it so that a moderator can edit specific members only, like you said in your example. It's either delete, ban and promote all members or no member at all. Second, you can specificy specific moderator groups/ranks to a specific forum or in this case subforum. You can do this in the permissions of the subforum.
  4. Seperate Registration for Subforums

    Hello Intelcoresolo320, To be honest, I don't think it is possible for users to register for a specific subforum. You can, on the other hand, assign them to a specific rank and then edit the subforum permissions that only the specific group can see that part of your forum. For example, you have "Member 1" which should be in "ClientName A" then give him the ClientName A rank which you made earlier. Then change the permissions of the subforums that only users with the rank "ClientName A" can see that part of the forum.
  5. Copy/Paste Setting

    No need to apologize, things in life are more important. Anyway, I have seen a plugin for CKeditor once, I can't really remember what it was called. I'm sure it will be within the list that Cookie Monster linked in his post. I'll check if I can find it again.
  6. A "long time" lurker saying hi.

    Hi Null1ng, welcome to WebFlake! I also have a cat, two cats to be exact, they have typical Dutch/Frisian names "Sjaakie" and "Gijs".
  7. MaLeW"s here

    Hello MaLeW, welcome to WebFlake! Enjoy your stay!
  8. Last time I used Invision Power Board was back when 3.4.x, download 4.2.5 now to see what changed and I think it looks nothing like it was back in the day.

  9. Common Web Page Errors

    Exactly my thoughts when I get one of these errors.
  10. Hello from Italy

    Welcome @AUDINSIDE, Maybe a little bit off-topic, but I have to say, I love Italy! Went there on vacation last summer, it was beautiful and the food was delicious!
  11. Hello, Micronx

    Hello Micronx, nice to meet you!
  12. Copy/Paste Setting

    Isn't it possible to just copy and paste and then just remove the background color? It gives the same result and only need 1 more actions for you to do.
  13. What is your favorite food?

    Well, this is the biggest suprise I have seen in ages! Anyway, I also love pancakes
  14. What is your favorite food?

    I really love Italian food, you can wake me up at night for Italian food. A few months back on 22nd of August I went to Italy and really, I never had better food in my entire life!
  15. Spacious ACP 10.0

    No problem, glad to help out