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  1. Note working with 4.5.2 https://i.imgur.com/6zCTGiG.png
  2. sounds good. Are you saying you'll upgrade to 4.5 if they drops it rightaway?
  3. i don't recommend BlueAngelHost even 0.01%, shitty services and shitty customer support and shitty answer time and shitty servers. my rec will be for Shinjiru, it's perfect and it's international too, and offshore
  4. i don't this it depends on the job you're applying to. a CV is a CV so the CV should have your full name your date of birth your education, your education level your courses if you have taken any, your previous experiences in that in the field, or any other fields you worked in, what langauges you can speak fluently. and sometimes you're required to add your hobbies for some reason (only this step depends on what kind of job you're applying to)
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