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  1. Count to 10 before a staff member posts

    1. <insert cookie here>
  2. Selling S > Domain

    Considering the responses/replies on this thread, is it really worth to argue like this? If you are intrested in buying this domain then respond. No need to argue if you don't want to buy the domain PS: If I bump an old thread, please let me know. Thank you.
  3. Spacious ACP

    Thanks @BrammerN. My installation needed this newer version badly. It works like a charm!
  4. Hosting [Treudler] Cheap VPS

    The reason why I find Treudler shit? Ok. Here it comes: I am in a community and we have a Garrys Mod server, due to rules with advertising I am not going to say the name of that community. We changed our server host due to performance issues. A friend of us introduced us to Treudler. Treudler is a company based in Germany with one CEO and one staff member at the time. We gave it a go. We bought a vDEDI-GAME-L and installed Windows Server 2016 on it. I used my academical license to activate it. We installed all the updates for Windows and the machine worked perfectly, for a week. After a week, the server constantly lagged. We needed to reboot the server to use it again, so we did. This issue was never resolved and they didn't have a solution for it nor the issue what was causing this. After the issues with the server I decided to have a talk with my development team and we decided together to switch hosts, again. After we switched hosts the owner of the community wasn't able to connect to the machine AT ALL. He created a ticket, tried to solve it on his own and no support was given by the CEO. Instead, he was having fun and doing a ton of shit things. Not sure why. It took two weeks to get in touch with that guy and get our files. Eventually with basically threatning on social media with bad reviews, he fixed the issue and we could FINALLY get our files. After that I have never ever bought a machine there. Support is completely shit and they always blamed OVH.
  5. Hosting [Treudler] Cheap VPS

    No offense intended, Treudler = shit.
  6. Nice to see that the team is enriched with friendly and helpful people. Goodluck @WhatWentDown and @Shu!
  7. IPS 4.2 GeoIP Service

    What @Davlin said is correct. The Maxmind GeoIP software doesn't work if you do not have a legitimate license. I currently use the GeoIP PHP module and my Piwik installation works with that module and the database that gets used by that particulair module. If IPS support to use the GeoIP PHP module, it should work. I do not know if the PHP module uses a lite database or something else. It works for me.
  8. Reactions

    Hi @Kodu Krātuve & @Davlin, Yes, for some reason the reputation and reaction system does work on the default theme. The reputation and reaction system works partially on our current theme. The theme we use is Matter, posted on WebFlake by a user, its a 4.2 theme. We are going to customize the default theme and switch to the default theme. Thanks for your answers lads!
  9. Reactions

    Hi there everyone, I have a question regarding my IPS 4.2 installation. I noticed that here on WebFlake you can react to someones threads, posts with hearts and upvotes. I tried to do the same on my installation, but it doesn't work. Do you need to enable this or? I have attached a screenshot to this question. As you can see there is no way to react with upvotes etcetera on this thread. It doesn't work on every thread.
  10. Advanced Tags & Prefixes

    That only works for the prefix formatting. If you enable that option the output will be converted to lowercase. Disabling it will cause it to stay the same or not appearing because you need to create a format with PHP/HTML tags and that is the reason why I gave the OP a code where he can fix the formatting to appear with the capital letter at the beginning of each word. I think its a sorta bug in the plugin.
  11. [WF NULL] IPS Community Suite

    The upgrade from 4.2.5 was easy and had no issues while upgrading. The newer version of IPS works as a charm.
  12. [Release Notes] 3.2.0

    Nice Davlin! This looks very cool
  13. Hi

    That is something new for me, but welcome back