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  1. BUG account

    it's not from db.. i test 3 host :/ and no upgrade..I've tested 2 versions and I have the same problem in 3 different companies. "Is it that me a member will have admin access or so? Randomly? " not have access in admincp because coding connections are needed there. to explain to you I will upload some photos. as you can see when I refresh the page has me with another profile
  2. BUG account

    Good afternoon. I have installed IPS and 4.2.5 several times and has the same problem each time. users who are just members even me who am an administrator on my site are changing accounts. for example, reload the page and from the profile is like someone else. I hope you understand what I mean. how can i fix this problem? Ps the same problem is without Plugins
  3. IPS Upgrade messenger

    Hello i have a problem new messenger "Version 4.2.5 of the IPS Community Suite is now available. This includes a security patch and we recommend you upgrade as soon as possible. Upgrade Now" how to disable this? thanks for your time..