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  1. Hey, I would like to request this App latest version https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8071-musicbox/?changelog=22466 Can any one post it i will be grateful
  2. Use this plugin it should works fine
  3. I like the IPB. for SEO, and everything. i think Upcoming Releases will more and more better
  4. I am a member of a site https://shahid.mbc.net/ It is a website similar to netflix but for arabic content Previously, I could download from the website by taking the link for the video by internet download manager as m3u8 format ,, like this line https://cdxmd05-ak.akamaized.net/43879ec8-c913-464e-9a2a-6938714b685f/3000060014_TXMHD...ilter=144_1080) and download it but now the site bring new Encrypt like netflix use (DRM) ,, and when I use internet download manager to get video download line it give me alot of line Not downloadable ,, like this one https://cdxmd05-ak.akamaized.net/018a3bc5-5903-42b6-ae96-cdf9f8847946/3000061337_STXOP...t=mpd-time-csf) can any one help me how to download videos now from this site ?? i will pay for any script or way to how to download
  5. Hello, I'm looking for Enhanced AdBlock Blocker 2.0.8 if anybody can post it I'll be grateful https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8289-enhanced-adblock-blocker/ this one Change behavior of ESC button when plugin enabled, if user hit ESC button page reload
  6. Cinema better than Netflix
  7. Intel, I've never been fan of AMD
  8. you should take backup from your site and database in case something like this happen you can rollback to previous working version
  9. You Can add your Video manually from source code you can activate allow posting html from your admin panel apply Can post HTML? so when you edit any topic or add video in videobox click on source then put your html video code then click on it again you'll be able to see your video i hope it helps you
  10. I think admin must change your users because they disable Display Name Changes and you can't do it your self
  11. Anyway, for custom usergroup format customization, there is two settings that you will need to fill out. To add formatting for a group, go to Admin CP --> Members --> Manage User Groups --> select the group you wish to add formatting for. The two settings that you will need to fill out is: [*]Group Formatting Prefix - This is what is added before the group name [*]Group Formatting Suffix - This is what is added after the group name Much like HTML coding, if you start a tag in the prefix, you end the tag by putting a / in the suffix. For example, if you wanted to change the colour of the usergroup you'd do the following: In the prefix type: <span style='color:red'> And in the suffix type: </span> With the colours, you would obviously change "Red" to the colour of your choice. You can even use # colours like #5a5a5a for grey. --------------------------------------------------------- Now for Bold: In the prefix: <strong> In the suffix: </strong> --------------------------------------------------------- Making italic In the prefix: <em> In the suffix: </em> --------------------------------------------------------- For strikeout you would do the following: In the Prefix you would have: <S> And in the Suffix you would have: </S> --------------------------------------------------------- You can even have multiple together for example: If you would like the colour red and strikeout you would put: In the Prefix: <S><span style='color:red'> And in the suffix you would put: </span></S> Remember, every time you type in a tag, to close the tag using a / otherwise it will NOT work.
  12. Yogioh

    ips plugin

    this is plugin name (SD) Board Life Counter you can download it from here https://www6.zippyshare.com/v/tPx0VcA4/file.html
  13. Yogioh

    Ps4 or Xbox

    from my experience ps4 better than xbox
  14. Yogioh

    Happy 2019!

    Merry Christmas For All
  15. Mac better than windows from security and preformance
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