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  1. I was trying to configure Redis or Memcached as caching method. I've installed both on my VPS (it uses CentOS). They are active but not recognized by IPS. Am I missing something? They are not clickable...
  2. The problem was (I believe) a misconfiguration of the database. Luckily it was a fresh install so re-creating the database from zero solved the problem
  3. Thank you @Jeffrey. One last thing: when a user try to tag someone the window keep logging in for hours without showing nothing: And links are not automatically embedded. They appears only as links, even if they are images.
  4. Thank you, it worked! I'm just having some problems with certain passwords. In short some users can't login due to incorrect password, in the database it figure as "NULL" field. Pretty strange.
  5. Thank you very much for your help. Actually I'm facing this problem: I can not set a recognized path to uploads folder (I know it's not wrong): Could it be because the old forum is offline? I can't get it online due to problems.
  6. Thank you for your answers. Can you please link me the converter?
  7. Hi All! My IPS 4.3.6 is <removed> up. It have tons of errors and so on. Before this happened I did a backup of both database and ftp files. If I try to delete everything and re-upload ftp files and database I got same errors. How can I do a fresh install and import only threads, members and important things? Thank you
  8. Wrote you several times on skype, never had a reply...
  9. Yes I've tryed deleting them from ACP and re-creating them but the new ones have a different ID (every question has an ID). The user have no question to answer during the login phase: Sorry for my bad english
  10. The problem is IPS itself, it's not optimized and uses a lot of CPU and RAM!
  11. lollo90

    Leecher Level?

    So if I'm not wrong in Enhanced u.i.p. there isn't that option by default but you can make it as a custom field?