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  1. Wrote you several times on skype, never had a reply...
  2. up. found that this problem is not a problem of IPS itself.
  3. Yes I've tryed deleting them from ACP and re-creating them but the new ones have a different ID (every question has an ID). The user have no question to answer during the login phase: Sorry for my bad english
  4. The problem is IPS itself, it's not optimized and uses a lot of CPU and RAM!
  5. So if I'm not wrong in Enhanced u.i.p. there isn't that option by default but you can make it as a custom field?
  6. Do you mean designer mode or something elese? btw I'm not in designer mode.
  7. Did you made any changes in your forum recently (eg. new plugins, server migration...)? However I'm pretty sure it's not a bug of default IPS.
  8. First of all I've signatures activated everywhere, in fact with default theme and every other theme they works. But with the theme Fline I've a problem. Signatures works but when I change something in the theme (for example putting my own logo) and click save they disappear totally from posts. Even going in theme options and click save without doing any change cause this problem. I'm using IPS 4.3.5 with Fline 1.0.7. As always thank you for your replies
  9. That's the screenshot of the error:
  10. I don't think security question has something in common with recaptcha at all...