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  1. theme wordpress: https://themeforest.net/item/pixiehuge-esports-gaming-theme-for-clans-organizations/20175845
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Mobland is a minimal and creative mobile app landing page template built with Bootstrap 4 Looking for a kick-ass landing page template for your awesome mobile application? Mobland is what you are looking for. Mobland comes with 5 different layouts to choose from. Dark and Light Versions is also included Mobland Layouts Index Light Version Index Dark Version Index No Scroll Animation Full Page Slider Layout Sticky Parallax Simple Static Layout Blog Layout Blog Single Mobile Demo (Scan QR Code) Mobland is a fully responsive education website template, it will work nicely on mobile screens and other devices. Scan the QR Code below to see the live demo on your mobile. WordPress version (Coming Soon) Notes App Screenshots used in the demo is replaced with dummy images with screen sizes. So you can easily replace it with yours. Changelog v1.0 Initial release

  3. Version v.1.7.0


    HelpGuru is a premium Self-Service Support Knowledge Base theme for WordPress Create a premium Knowledge Base or solution to allow your customers and clients to help themselves, HelpGuru has the features you need, complemented by a clean, functional and responsive design. Using HelpGuru you can: Create a branded Knowledge Base Increase customer loyalty and reduce support time Enable customers to help themselves Reduce support ticket volume and repetitive questions Provide a community based support system and reward valuable contributors Offer 24/7 access to support topics and answers Allow customers to vote on article helpfulness Gain SEO and brand visibility benefits from using online support Benefit from the power and flexibility of a WordPress powered site Key Features: From the authors of the #1 Knowledge Base and support themes on ThemeForest comes the brand new standard in self-service knowledge based customer support. Enhanced live customizer support – control colors and text Retina Icon Fonts Translation ready po/mo files included Child theme included and customization ready Super support from an Elite Author author Well documented HTML5 and CSS3 support Update Log HelpGuru 1.7.0 – October 3 2017 Updated HelpGuru Knowledge Base 3.0.0 Fixed bbPress breadcrumbs display Various bug fixed & improvements HelpGuru 1.6.2 – April 18 2017 Improved localization of comment strings Improved Schema.org implementation Improved default icon for attachments Improved Knowledge Base Category Widget display Various bug fixed & improvements HelpGuru 1.6.1 – August 22 2016 Fix for widget styling Translation improvements HelpGuru 1.6.0 – August 22 2016 Fixes for bbPress responsive issues Fixes for mobile navigation Fix for encoding issues in certain languages Updating TGM Knowledge Base Plugin Updated to 2.7.11 - Fixed issue with No articles in this category message - Improved HKB categories widget - added heirarchy support - General code cleanup and i18n improvements - Improved slugs checking and options - Refactored backend voting styles - Added filter for saving user visits and search queries - Added check to display article attachments for password protected posts - Added no articles in KB message - Fixing issue with Avast false positive - Code cleanup - Fix for article number setting - Fix for TOC widget, will now not display when no headers in article - Fix for language used in options panel - Fix for search issue when WordPress address not site address - JS check to ensure slugs are not the same - Removed KB archive dummy page from pages list - Replaced/Removed Redux framework to improve theme compatibility - Added new search post types filter - TOC Widget improvements - Localization improvements - Implemented transfers/exits module - Various fixes for improved compatibility with SEO plugins - Fix for article ordering - WPML search box fix - Adding additional filters HelpGuru 1.5.1 – June 1 2016 Updated language files to improve compatibility Fixed display issues in BBPress topic content Fixed bug where BBPress user profile would 404 Fixed KB attachment name being incorrect Various bug fixed & improvements HelpGuru 1.5.0 – January 12 2016 FontAwesome Font Updated to 1.5.0 Fix for incorrectly aligned navigation menu Updated wpml-config.xml file for better WPML support Fix for incorrect KB categroy display in IE Fixed issues with long links breaking layout Fixed editor issue with Google Fonts not being loaded correctly Updated language files Fix for pagination bug on knowledge base categories Various other small bug fixes and visual improvements Knowledge Base Plugin Updated to 2.4.0 - fixes for breadcrumbs - Subcategory display inconsistency fix - Added filters for option helpers - Added filters for option sections - Added filter and action hook for options - fix for titles in Knowledge Base archive - New metabox for article stats - views, feedback, attachments - Added filters to stop custom content (stop_ht_knowledge_base_custom_content) - Fix for WP REST API - Fix for 404 error when previewing a published article - Fix for sub category depth display - Fix for custom article ordering when order previously set to descending - Fix for category permalink prefixed with blog slug - Fix for sort by article views - Fix for comment template, disqus compatibility - Reordered admin menu - Change voting to post request and removed link - Fixed article count of sub-subcategories - Fixed issue with category icon when creating new category HelpGuru 1.4.4 – September 2, 2015 - Custom article ordering - Easier plugin activation/install - General bug fixes HelpGuru 1.4.3 – August 18, 2015 - Fixed bug for incorrect sub category article count HelpGuru 1.4.2 – July 28, 2015 - Updated language files - Knowledge Base - Updated to HelpGuru 1.4.1 – July 21, 2015 - Knowledge Base - Updated to 2.0.6 - Various bug fixed & improvements HelpGuru 1.4.0 – July 9, 2015 - Knowledge Base - Updated to 2.0.4 - Updated template structure for Knowledge Base - Various bug fixed & improvements HelpGuru 1.3.4 - Fixed bug when Knowledge Base wasn't active HelpGuru 1.3.3 - Fixed bug with comment form producing PHP error HelpGuru 1.3.2 Security update HelpGuru 1.3.1 Security update HelpGuru 1.3.0 - Knowledge Base - Updated to 1.4.4 - HKB Voting - Updated to 1.3 - Added WP 4.1 title tag support - Fixed issue with customizer defaults not being present on some installs - Fixed localization bugs - Fixes for child theme compatibility - Various bug fixed & improvements HelpGuru 1.2.0 - Improved live search styling - Knowledge Base Video Post Format Added - Extended Customizer Controls -- Sidebar Position Customizer Control (Blog/KB/Forum) -- Fixed/Full Width Layouts Added -- Custom CSS - New Knowledge Base options added -- New option to use custom icons for Knowledge Base categories -- Articles per category -- Better support for nested categories - Responsive Improvements - Various bug fixed & improvements HelpGuru 1.1.0 - WPML compatibility Added! - Knowledge Base - Nested categories can be displayed on the knowledge base archive (configurable) - Knowledge Base - Widget options & styles updated - Related articles - now includes rating - Live Search - Now includes rating, views & comment count (configurable) - Knowledge Base - New options for ordering articles (date, modified, views & popularity) - Knowledge Base - Categories can now have custom icons - Various bug fixed & improvements HelpGuru 1.0.0 - Initial theme release

  4. Version v3.8.2


    Finding a Job Just Got Easier Creating a job listing website has never been easier with Jobify — the easiest to use job board theme available. Create a community of employers and prospective employees. Simple live searching and filtering makes finding relevant jobs easier than ever. A fully customizable homepage means you control the layout of your website. Charge a fee for job listings, and easily monitor and approve submissions. Create Your Job Site in Minutes Famous for it’s five-minute install, WordPress may be the part that takes the longest – installing the plugins and Jobify is fast and easy. You’ll be connecting businesses with people actively looking to fill positions immediately. Resume Support Lets The Search Engine Do The Work Today’s job search isn’t people reading and reviewing resumes manually. They let search engines scan and find key phrases in resumes. Jobify supports candidate resumes, so that employers, recruiters, and prospects can find each more quickly. (Plugin sold separately). Powerful Features in the Palm of your Hand Like everyone else, your users carry their phones with them everywhere they go. Now they can browse job listings in the palm of their hand. Jobify is mobile-friendly with responsive functionality that allows users to search jobs, submit a listing, and more. Get Started Now Connecting people using Jobify couldn’t be any easier: A company submits a job listing with details about the position and their company. A prospective employee visits the site, searches the interactive map, filters the results, and applies for the job of their dreams. Site administrators can require a subscription or a one-off payment to create a job listing. Jobify Features Integrates with Mike Jolley’s free WP Job Manager plugin—The first fully integrated theme of its kind! Integrates with Resume Manager plugin which allows candidates to upload/post resumes to your site, or post manually. (Plugin sold separately). Integrates with the free WooCommerce Listing Payments which allows you to create custom job packages which can be purchased or redeemed during job submission. Note: This can only be used to sell job packages and not be set up as an entire store. Integrates with the popular Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress plugin. (Plugin sold separately). Integrates with the free Testimonials by WooThemes plugin to display individual testimonials, as well as brands of companies using your service Integrates with the popular free NinjaForms plugin so users can submit resumes from a convenient pop-up modal. Integrates with the famous GravityForms plugin so users can submit resumes from a convenient pop-up modal. (Plugin sold separately) Optional. Beautiful & Clean, Responsive Design (Optimized for iPad and iPhone) Big, Stunning Typography Crafted for Retina Displays WordPress Theme Customizer Support Full Design Customization i.e. Logo, Background, Text Colours Page Templates (Home, Testimonials, Pricing) Contact Form Support (JetPack Forms, Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms) Custom Shortcodes (Register, Login, Jobs, Job Dashboard, Job Summary, and more) WordPress 4.6+ Ready (Menus & Featured Images) XML Dummy Content Included For Easy Setup Full Localisation Support (contains .po/.mo files) Extensive Documentation Changelog & Update History = 3.8.1: September 22, 2017 = Fix: Remove hyphens and word breaks. Fix: Ensure proper company logo size is used in widgets. Fix: Avoid error in category widget when no category is available. = 3.8.0: August 16, 2017 = New: Jobs with the “URL” application method will link directly to the URL. New: Support for “No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA for WooCommerce” https://wordpress.org/plugins/no-captcha-recaptcha-for-woocommerce/ New: Allow testimonials to be randomized. New: Add avatar menu item. Create a menu item with the title of {{account}} New: WP Job Manager 1.28.0 support. Display multiple job types, JSON-LD updates. Fix: WooCommerce product review star appearance. Fix: Media/Image field toggles in customizer. Fix: Load proper RTL stylesheet. Fix: Respect WP Job Manager date settings. = 3.7.2: July 11, 2017 = Fix: Ensure set Regions can appear when a location is blank. Fix: Ensure company name exists before using in marker popup. Fix: Update deprecated WooCommerce function. Fix: Update file-field.php for WP Job Manager compatibility. Fix: Update WP Job Manager – Applications styling. Fix: Companies We’ve Helped slider spacing. = 3.7.1: June 1, 2017 = Fix: PHP 5.x compatibility. Fix: Avoid javascript error on widget. = 3.7.0: May 26, 2017 = New: Add JSON-LD markup for better rich search results. New: Add autoplay setting to “Companies Helped” widget. New: Add “Slides per page” setting in “Testimonials” widget. New: Remove WooCommerce dependency for formatting addresses. Fix: Output input address if no formatted address can be created. Fix: “Back to Top” functionality with fixed header. Fix: Mobile map scrolling with two fingers. Fix: Show WP Editor on Pricing page template for backwards compatibility. Fix: Center company logos for better visual display. Fix: WP Job Manager – Applications “Applied” message in job spotlight. = 3.6.1: April 14, 2017 = Fix: Update setup guide instructions. = 3.6.0: March 28, 2017 = New: Selective refresh support. Easily modify your website via “Appearance ▸ Customize” New: Modify your website’s typography via “Appearance ▸ Customize ▸ Typography” New: Modify your website’s color scheme via “Appearance ▸ Customize ▸ Colors” New: Favorites support. Released today: https://astoundify.com/products/favorites/ New: Listing Tags support. Released today: https://astoundify.com/products/wp-job-manager-listing-labels/ New: WC Advanced Paid Listing support. Released today: https://astoundify.com/products/wp-job-manager-listing-payments/ New: Notify when a page is being managed by a page template or widget area. New: WooCommerce 2.7 compatibility. Fix: Import widgets so they are immediately customizable. = 3.5.1: January 9, 2017 = Fix: Avoid PHP error in Content Importer for versions below 5.6. Fix: Avoid PHP error in Plugin Installer for WordPress versions below 4.7. Fix: Properly detect if WP Job Manager – Tags is active for setting default widgets. = 3.5.0: December 16, 2016 = New: Automatically create a child theme during content import. New: WooCommerce Social Login 2.0+ compatibility. Fix: Implement customizer compatibility and functionality. Fix: Avoid PHP error on Recent Posts widget. Fix: Enqueue Jetpack assets on submission/preview pages. Fix: Only use “Parallax” effect on Feature Callout widget on large devices. Fix: Don’t plot jobs with empty/null latitudes. Fixes ZipRecruiter extension. = 3.4.0: October 12, 2016 = Fix: Remove custom Polylang integration code. The plugin handles this now. Fix: Customizer settings for the “Extended Demo” potentially not importing with a child theme active. Fix: “How it Works” page content. Fix: WooCommerce Social Login 1.8+ compatibility. Fix: Update vendor Javascript libraries. Fix: Content importer tweaks to better match the demos. Fix: Avoid page jump when using a fixed header. Fix: Ninja Forms THREE compatibility. = 3.3.0: August 30, 2016 = New: Automatic content importer: quickly and easily install demo menus, pages, widgets, settings, and more. Get up in running in minutes. New: Child theme creator: create a child theme while maintaining any customized options. New: Automatic updates: one-click automatic theme updates directly from ThemeForest.net. New: “Parallax” background option for Feature Callout widget. New: Allow page headers to be hidden via the WordPress dashboard. Fix: Don’t register a widgetized area if the page no longer exists. Fix: Ninja Forms success message styling. = 3.2.1: July 28, 2016 = Fix: WooCommerce 2.6.3 compatibility. = 3.2.0: July 14, 2016 = Google has updated their Google Maps API requirements. All websites must enter a valid API key. For more information on setting up your key please visit: http://jobify.astoundify.com/article/1023-create-a-google-maps-api-key New: Alert if no Google Maps API key is set. New: Allow testimonials widget to set a background color. New: Redirect to submission page when coming from Plans & Pricing page. New: Resume Spotlight widget. Fix: Better UX for non-AJAX file uploads. Fix: Restrict Content Pro alert styling. Fix: Geo My WP compatibility tweaks. Fix: Do not load Google Maps cluster image. Fix: Only highlight top level menu items. Fix: Better UX for Applications add-on errors. Fix: Update TGMPA class. Fix: Update WP_Widget child class. = 3.1.2: June 14, 2016 = New: WooCommerce 2.6 compatibility. = 3.1.1: May 1, 2016 = Fix: Add helper classes to force white hover on buttons. Fix: Remove default footer link hover. Fix: Job and Resume video popup width. Fix: JP Sharing plugin can trigger Jetpack share widget. = 3.1.0: April 27, 2016 = New: Updated customizer defaults for improved visual appearance. New: Updated screenshot.png New: Set text, background, and link colors for footer widgets and copyright. New: Output term description on term archive pages. New: Option to control the height of the Search Hero widget. New: Minor visual updates, including WooCommerce style updates. Fix: LinkedIn company profile URL typo. Fix: GeoMyWP styles when plugin is active but page is not using custom form. Fix: Contact Form 7 Apply modal styles. Fix: WooCommerce Product search form display. Fix: Modal close button opacity. Fix: Video embed popup for jobs. Fix: Use body color for chosen and other inputs. Fix: Search hero button color matches standard primary button. Fix: Add a container width to the default Text widget on the homepage. Fix: Integration directory paths on Windows servers. Fix: Better defaults for site title images and primary navigation width. = 3.0.1: April 14, 2016 = Fix: Set default redirect for login_url() method. Fix: Use proper static method in Jobify_Activation class. Fix: File upload field displaying currently uploaded file. Fix: Do not remove all old theme mods on update. Fix: Autofit map setting. Fix: Loading animation when loading jobs and resumes. Fix: Do not add spacing to the top of the first Hero Search widget. Fix: WP Job Manager – Applications icons. = 3.0: April 12, 2016 = Version 3.0.0 of Jobify is a total rewrite of the theme. Please do not update directly on your production server. You should always test the update on a staging server first. Please thoroughly review: http://jobify.astoundify.com/article/937-upgrading-to-jobify-3-0-0 This update brings both functionality and visual changes. Jobify has been updated to provide more complete support for all official WP Job Manager add-ons, as well as providing WooCommerce support. WooCommerce 2.5+ is now required and is used to handle all account management tasks, as well as provide additional functionalities throughout the theme. New: Setup Guide to help you get your website set up like the demo in minutes. New: Minor style updates to provide more consistency and easier maintaining in the future. Update icon pack to Ioniocons: http://ionicons.com/ New: Full support for all official WP Job Manager add-ons. New: Full support for WooCommerce. New: Rewritten mobile views for a more complete experience. New: Set a custom address format for Jobs & Resumes in “Customize > Jobs/Resumes”. Fix: Hundreds of stability improvements and code hardening. Deprecated: Simple MailChimp plugin styles.

  5. Version 1.0.0


    Typology is a text based WordPress theme created for bloggers that just want to write, without the hassle of looking for the right images. It has a unique design based on beautiful typography which will make your website look good with or without images. Simply write your content and publish – Typology will handle the rest. Typology features list Choose your style – Whether you are a fan of material design or prefer the flat style we’ve got you covered Customize your home page – The home page features several sections to display different content Choose from different post layouts – Because one post layout is simply not enough Take control of your typography – Choose from a wide range of fonts and fine-tune the sizes of your texts and headings Apply your brand – Typology provides options for unlimited fonts and color combinations, as well as dedicated sections to upload your logo and icons Responsive design – Your content will scale seamlessly on all of today’s modern devices including desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Advanced theme options panel – Setup your website in 5 minutes with our easy-to-use theme options panel Pagination Types – You can have a classic Older Posts/Newer Posts navigation, Numeric Pagination, Load More buttons or Infinite Scroll Custom Widgets – Alongside the standard WordPress widgets, Typology features several custom widgets that further extend its functionality. Shortcodes – Add complex elements to your content easily with 12 flexible shortcodes. Shortcodes are small pieces of code that you can insert into any Page or Post to create beautiful columns, separators, highlights, dropcaps, buttons, pull quotes, progress bars, social icons, tabs, toggles and accordions with minimal fuss. WooCommerce support – Add a fully functioning shop to your new website, with the advanced features offered by the WooCommerce WordPress plugin! RTL support – Typology fully supports Right-To-Left oriented reading which is an essential requirement when you are running a website with global reach! Simply turn this option on in the Theme Options Panel. Built-in translation – Easily modify or translate any text on your website through the theme options panel. One-click demo content import – Demo content is included, so you get a website similar to our demo, ready to start tweaking! One-click updates – You can connect your website with the Envato official API to be notified about upcoming updates through your Admin Dashboard. Every time a Typology update is released, you can update with a single click, just like you would for any other theme hosted on the official WordPress repository. Setup guide – Learn step-by-step, how to setup Typology and all of its options, quickly and easily with our comprehensive documentation. Get help from WordPress experts – Do you have questions, issues or feature ideas? Do not hesitate to contact us! We usually respond within 24 hours. CHANGE LOG 1.3 Added: Option to auto play (auto-rotate) slider on home page (Theme Options -> Home Page) Added: Options to display search and social menu in header (Theme Options -> Header) Added: Options to change text paragraph width (Theme Options -> Typography) Added: Option to display featured image caption for single posts (Theme Options -> Single Post) Added: Styling for new default WordPress widgets (Audio, Video, Image) Fixed: Minor styling issues in various browsers, responsive and RTL mode 1.2 Added: Support for WooCommerce WordPress plugin Added: Option to upload cover background video (Theme Options -> Styling & Colors) Added: Option to display author image/avatar on author archive page (Theme Options -> Archive Templates) Added: Option to specify custom logo URL if you want to point out logo to different location instead of your home page (Theme Options -> Branding) Added: Page/post admin editor styles. Now when writing posts in the back-end you get very similar look as on the website front-end. Improved: Cover behavior when it has a lot of content Fixed: Missing option to translate “To Top” text (Theme Options -> Translation) Fixed: Minor styling issues in various browsers, responsive and RTL mode 1.1 Improved: Dropcaps now works for specific languages which use UTF8 characters (ex: Cyrillic fonts) Fixed: Lots of minor styling issues in various browsers, responsive and RTL mode

  6. Version 1.0.0


    Insurance is a WordPress, responsive Theme for Insurance Agents, Agencies and similar. If you like this Theme, please rate it ! Main features Drag&Drop page builder 100% responsive Working “Get a quote” forms with Drag&Drop form editor Working “Contact” form with Drag&Drop form editor Place for your References Place for your Agency history (timeline) A lot of unique sections: About us Call to action with interactive phone animation Insurances slider Parallax image background with slogan Contact details Our Agency with timeline Our Agents with progress bars Documents (Claims etc.) References Google Map on dedicated section or Contact popup and more… Blog Header background slider Insurance promo pages Beauty design If you have any problems with this theme or have any questions, please send me an email – [email protected] Moreover, this theme contains extensive documentation. Credits Scripts – jQuery – Animate.css by Dan Eden – SmoothScroll v1.2.1 by Balazs Galambosi, Patrick Brunner, Michael Herf and Justin Force – jQuery Parallax by Ian Lunn – $.noUiSlider by Leon Gersen Fonts – Signika from Google Fonts Directory Icons – Font Awesome Images used in Preview – all from Photodune, not included to main downloaded file (links to all images are in documentation).

  7. Version v1.1


    AllStore is a premium HTML online ecommerce store template. It is easy to use, customize and fully responsive in design. Although this theme can be used for selling almost anything it is most suitable for clothing shop, fashion store, furniture ecommerce, selling electronics, gadgets and accessories. The template layout is well structured and has been designed using the modern HTML5 & CSS3 validation standards. What makes AllStore so unique? It’s how it feels on your store and the functionalities that have been included. Never before have we built a product with this level of fit and finish. It took all our learning and thinking to realize something so simple and so clear. With a clean, modern design and excellent UX used by ecommerce leaders, AllStore shopping site template is perfect for the many types of industry like food store, clothes shop, jewelry shop, electronics shop, retail fashion women, fashion men and kids store. It is unique by it’s clean design and the high variety of features. We’ve included the most important elements for a retail ecommerce website, including product quick view, filter, sliders/tabs to showcase collections, pagebuilder elements, 5 catalog layouts, 2 product page types, perfectly spaced elements where the images can tell the product story. The design adapts to the viewport, it’s aimed to provide optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices (from PCs to mobile). Also our shop html template great to be used for cosmetic or beauty shops, technology and computer markets. Allstore is also perfect for any kind of car spare parts, bike or automotive stores and all kinds of auto business that needs a feature rich and beautiful presence online. AllStore have a clean clear design with nice blue color scheme, intuitive navigation and thought out layout to present products that will always be in demand. This layout is bright and strict at the same time which makes a proper effect on customer. Template designs accentuate the refined style of goods sold. It’s a great choice to sell all goods such as sportswear shop, shoes store, sports clothing retail, gifts shop, watches store and more. Features: - 5 Catalog Layouts - 2 Product Layouts - 2 Blog Types - PageBuilder Elements - Fully Responsive Template - Support 24/7 - Excellent UI/UX - Ready Contact Form - Pixel Perfect - SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly - Optimized for Fast Loading - Free Lifetime Updates - Free On-Going Support - Easy Customize - Well-structured and commented code Version 1.1 Wishlist page Compare products Authorization / Registration pages Version 1.0 Initial Release

  8. Version v2.0


    Solotrio is a clean style one page template for everyone looking to show his skills and recent work in a very elegant and unique style. It is a fully responsive template built on 960 grid. Solotrio is also Retina Ready, means now no blurry images or graphics on HiDPI and retina devices like iphone/ipad. Features Quotes Rotator 5 beautiful pre defined color schemes Dark & Light Versions Typewriter Text Slider Full screen project view Fully Responsive Retina Ready Working Contact Form Grid System and Responsive Design Elegant Navigation Touch Swipe Support Google Fonts Support Twitter Feeds HTML5 Valid All files are well commented and organized Cross browser Compatible Files Included 1 Valid HTML5 Page 1 Layered PSD File 1 icons PSD File Full Documentation HTML Template Support Support is provided through our dedicated Support Forum to all verified theme buyers. Please have your purchase code handy when you register at our support forum. Here’s how to find your “Item Purchase Code.” Credits www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/photos/coryschmitzwww.flickr.com/photos/deanoakleywww.flickr.com/photos/juhansonin Images from live preview are not included in the template. ChangeLog Jan 22nd, 2014 – details Sleek CSS3 animations effects for all sections and elements All color options are now inside css folder for easy color change Dark / Light styles are now very easy to change by just changing class name Jan 2nd, 2014 iPad background image bug resolved Light version background bug for work area Resolved Dec 30th, 2013 Contact form bug resolved that was creating problem in sending contact form message to email. File changed is main.js inside js folder Dec 19th, 2013 Few minor bugs fixed Dec 6th, 2013 Initial Release

  9. Version 1.0.0


    MOON is the most powerful solution for you. Using MOON is truly a full creative experience. Ergonomy and fullscreen vision help you take full advantage of its capabilities and enhance the presentation of your current or next project. Get most subscribers with this innovative HTML template and enjoy a clear and intuitive experience for your visitors. The talent of this template resides in its great mix of information at the right place and sleek design. Polyvalent, elegant, crafted carefully for an intuitive experience. Exclusive in all the ways as well, offering a range of unique interactions, 10 pre-made versions, a solid foundation under Bootstrap 3 and a fast support in English & Français. MOON has been built with the Framework Bootstrap 3, responsive on every screens from phone to TV, easy to customize, HTML5 verified 100% by the W3C, CSS3, SASS. A documentation is provided in your download package for your customizations, you have also the possibility to contact me for more help This product is a premium HTML template and not a Wordpress plugin. Credits : Please note that pictures used in the demo are not provided in your download package. But you can easily find them on Pexels You can also contact me to let me send you the direct links to the pictures you need

  10. Version 1.0.0


    Tromas is a Multipurpose Business Theme. It’s fully responsive with bootstrap framework supported, easy to customization, modern and creative template. Its perfect for Business, Corporate, Creative, Digital Studio, Startup or any other business websites. Tromas comes with Quality Design & Standard Coding via HTML5 and CSS3.

  11. Version 1.0.0


    Build Construction – Construction Building Company OVERVIEW Build Construction is a comprehensive HTML template. It is an original business template ideal for construction, building or any other company related to this business. It has been build with the latest web technologies and standards. The layout is drag responsive and looks attractive at all screen sizes whether it is a Desktop, laptop, Tablet, or mobile. Template is bug free and has been tested on all web browsers. It has many features and can be integrated to any development platfrom/framework. It can be customized in a very easy way. FEATURES : Fully Responsive Bootstrap Based (3.x) Latest Clean, Modern & Beautiful Design Unique and Moden Design Parallax Effect 100% Responsive Google Fonts Used 2100+ Font Icon Included Very Smooth Transition Effects Super Easy To Customize Well Commented Code W3C 100% Valid Code Working Contact Form Well Documented Top Notch Support FILE INCLUDED : HTML Files Supporting CSS, JS files PHP file (Contact Form) Documentation in HTML Image Credit : Graphicburger Pexels Pixabay Note:Demo images are not included in main downloadable file. Demo image used only for preview purpose. but included documentation file for full instruction

  12. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Novo is a clean and complete HTML5 mobile template that will help you create a mobile website or native app using solutions like Phonegap or Cordova. If you own a blog and are looking to make improvements through creating a News and Magazine web app or native app, this is the perfect template for you! Note that Novo is the material design oriented version of my Skymagtemplate. The template is highly responsive and contains within it media queries that ensure the layout will adequately adjust to each type of device. Novo comes with many useful features that a blog needs : infinite-scrolling, pull-to-refresh, comment form, share function, contact form, categories and more. The documentation contains a quick set up guide that allows you to build your personalized app quickly. Note : This template includes navigation and transitions between pages. Ajax calls are currently used to move between the different pages, so you need to run this template on a web server to make the navigation work properly. This is not needed when deploying for PhoneGap/Cordova, however, you can use your own method for the navigation (eg normal links). Note 2 : Some images in preview presentation are not included in theme package, but all of the images on the Live Demo are included. Support : I specified that I do not support this item because I am not always available, but do not hesitate to contact me if you need help, I will be happy to help you! Pages : Home – Original Home – No header Home – All header Home – Cards Single Post Categories Contact Profile Search Components Custom Page Features : Responsive design Optimized for tablets Retina ready Cordova & Phonegap ready Panels Smooth transitions Pull-to-refresh Infinite scroll Load pages in Ajax Social media share function Comment list & comment form 700+ Icons Well documented Google Fonts Used : Roboto Credits : Images : Unsplash Documentation Template : 3rdwavemedia

  13. Version 1.0.0


    Qubic is a responsive, creative, clean app landing page designed for app showcase. Anyone can use this template showcase any product and customize as his wishes. Qubic is based on Bootstrap 1170px grid system. All files are clearly organized we believe it will be easy to use and edit them. The design is very clean, elegant and modern. Any one can customize this template as his wishes. Features AJAX Contact Form with validationMailchimp Subscription formTwitter Bootstrap 3.xClean code.W3C ValidateUnlimited Font Awesome iconsFlaticon.fully Responsive24/7 Friendly customer supportGooge fonts Files HTMLCSSjsPHP Fonts MontserratOpen sans Note:No images are included in main file

  14. Version 1.0.0


    “FlatBox” is an Software Landing page template built with HTML5, includes a lot of features, clean & modern design, you can make an awesome landing page in minutes. What our awesome clients say about FlatBox: Template Features : Responsive design. 3 Mock-ups included. Parallax effect. Awesome jQuery animations. Placeholders for images. Extensive Documentation included. *Note: the images in the preview are not included in download file. Need Support : We will by happy to help you if you have a question about our products, all support is handled via e-mail, send your email from our profile contact form to verify your purchase ( Go to profile )

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