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  1. How to fix this?

    Fixed these issues but now the problem is that user info panel is totally gone, can someone help me with this?
  2. How to fix this?

    erm seems like everything works on default, thought looks weird .
  3. How to fix this?

    may i ask which file handles this? also re-installed plugin, didnt change anything :/
  4. How to fix this?

  5. How to fix this?

    version : 4.2xx just not able to post on 4.2 support forum sadly- How i can fix this : Posts\topics looks messy : next thing is that not all user info isnt shown (thought it works on other skin + everything is active on plugin settings) should be like this :
  6. is there possible to add this?

    Looking for guide how to add this? is there plugin out for it or is there portal code for it?