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  1. because my external login only works with ips4.2 so i need to stay at ips4.2 untill external login supported by higher ips.
  2. hi, i just downloaded IPS 4.2.8 and after the installation i cant add Description on add forum section on acp. Please see attach as a reference to the problem, any tutorial how to fix? 1. Before clicking add description box. 2. After clicking description box
  3. thank you, you save my day edit: not working on ips 4.3
  4. i buddy, welcome to webflake, enjoy your stay.
  5. looking for the same, got luck to find solution here.
  6. Hi, i've tried Mind 2.0.7 on ips 4.3.0 but seems not compatible with news ticker, any tips how to solve this error? Thank you in advance.
  7. please dont spam,still waiting for an answer
  8. hi, anyone can post external login for this IPS version?(IPS 4.3) IPS 4.2 work with the code below but not working on the latest version. require_once(dirname(__FILE__).'/../forums/init.php'); $IPSLogin = new \IPS\Login\Internal; $IPSLogin->init(); try { $member = $IPSLogin->authenticate(array('auth' => $_POST['username'], 'password' => $_POST['password'])); if ($member) { $expire = new \IPS\DateTime; $expire->add( new \DateInterval( 'P7D' ) ); \IPS\Request::i()->setCookie( 'member_id', $member->member_id, $expire ); \IPS\Request::i()->setCookie( 'pass_hash', $member->member_login_key, $expire ); \IPS\Request::i()->setCookie( 'hasJS', true, $expire ); print '<html><head><meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL=\''.$prev_url.'\'"></head></html>'; } } catch (Exception $e) { blahblah }
  9. probably dark theme especially if website is for gamers
  10. Cyber1

    (VN42) FLine

    thanks, can u upload the psd?
  11. thank you brother, very useful to me.
  12. Hi, IPS 4.2 database joined date has a value of 1508163414 anyone knows how to convert this to date and time?, this is same last_visit with a value of 1508248004 and last_activity 1508248004 in sql database.