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  1. Not working Not working either screenshot Even if i click preview it not loaded at all Before After
  2. Also, I enable links via posting and still not working too https://prnt.sc/undkp0
  3. Yes I'm sure all permissions and settings are correct if you don't mind take a look and see how it react when you post Youtube link here
  4. it’s not working too I already use it before, I don’t know what is wrong with my website
  5. Hello , can someone help me please , I can't embed youtube on the post. I to added a button via toolbars https://prnt.sc/umgfxv not working , Even if put the link on the post the system doesn't allow me to post it I really lost , is it a bug ? - Automatically embed link is - link filtering - member can post a link - member can post HTML
    Thank you very much @fotobewerking I was looking for this for a long time
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