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  1. You Guys Ever Broken A Bone?

    In Middle School I got a boxers break in a fight. Broke the dudes jaw but yeah, it was painful and I had to wear a cast for a month.
  2. Profile Songs Custom Theme "Fix"

    Nvm, it works. I forgot that chrome n browsers like it won't autoplay unless maybe you're using the desktop version with an extension I guess lol
  3. Profile Songs Custom Theme "Fix"

    Can someone please tell me how to make it work for the carbon theme?
  4. Thanks @Davlin very well spoken! I'm really enjoying the WF community, I normally forget about sites that I sign up with but there's something about this place that keeps me checking back in. There's quite a bit of content that I enjoy reading or in some cases download and yeah @Cookie Monster, ya'll have a great support team that is waiting to answer questions we may have. If y'all can put up with me being a complete noob about some of the things I've needed help with than I don't see how anyone could ever say anything bad about WF. Ya'll got some pretty awesome members who are helpful as well! Keep it up WF 👍
  5. Group Color On User Links 9

    Ahh well, I just checked again and now it's working lol I guess a few task had to finish running 👍
  6. File Source: I have recently upgraded to IPS Community Suite 4.2.5 and this plugin is no longer working. Is there a simple way to make this work with 4.2.5 as I really enjoyed the plugin.
  7. BoomChat

    Version 7.1


    Boomchat 7.1 ( bridge ) Responsive chat Boomchat is a userfriendly easy to install php chat script that includes lot of uniques features. With is fully responsive design whatever if you are using a mobile a computer or even a tablet boomchat will always fit your screen and give you the best chat experience possible. Boomchat requirement 1 Database ( empty ) Mysqli installed PHP 5.4 or higher and a lot of friend !!!
  8. Hello, I'm slowly learning how to do various website task but I severely lack in the following areas among other areas not mentioned here. • Theme Styling / Tweaking • Database Integration & Maintenance I am excited to learn about this wonderful and exciting hobby but I need a mentor, someone who is very experienced in customization. I currently need to integrate a separate web application to use the same login credentials for my main cms. I've searched the webs but unfortunately I can't find how to do it. I also need simple edits to prevent people from registering or resetting their password for this second application. I'm hoping to find someone who would be willing to help me for free however, I'm willing to donate a little something for your troubles but I'm on a very strict budget. This is a new hobby of mine and if you're willing to help, we can also discuss a permanent membership role as a site administrator if you're adamant about seeing me through 😁
  9. WF IPS Suite 4.2.5

    I'm wondering if you guys have the new beta available anywhere. I've searched the forums but haven't had any luck. Thanks in advance 😎
  10. change icons on userbar

    Nice! Cheers m8 😎
  11. change icons on userbar

    Oh, please excuse me sir. I wasn't trying to blame you or anyone here. I'm just trying to learn how things work. Wasn't trying to discredit your tutorial so I apologize. Ehm but why did you hide your java code with base64? Or how can I see the code myself?
  12. change icons on userbar

    Oh I'm just trying to learn about website security and I've found information on the web that helps me identify malicious code. Scroll down to the bottom of what you pasted, you'll see some strange looking code that doesn't seem to be uniform like the rest. Not sure if it's bad but like I said, I'm just learning some stuff and well, I thought I'd share what I know. If that code is bad then ya might want to have your site and databases scanned.
  13. Can't remember plugin name.

    This sounds like the one you're looking for. https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/7668-read-that-topicannouncement/
  14. change icons on userbar

    I wonder what happens if you decrypt the base64. Well I tried but it's got further encryption. I read online that these weird characters could mean trouble that lead to backdoors but idk how to view the code. Maybe eval or md5 hash of some sort?
  15. Clan War application

    I'm no pro or nothing but you could try to repair your database? Don't do it if you don't think it'll fix it bc I'm just a beginner lol