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  1. You Guys Ever Broken A Bone?

    In Middle School I got a boxers break in a fight. Broke the dudes jaw but yeah, it was painful and I had to wear a cast for a month.
  2. Profile Songs Custom Theme "Fix"

    Nvm, it works. I forgot that chrome n browsers like it won't autoplay unless maybe you're using the desktop version with an extension I guess lol
  3. Profile Songs Custom Theme "Fix"

    Can someone please tell me how to make it work for the carbon theme?
  4. Thanks @Davlin very well spoken! I'm really enjoying the WF community, I normally forget about sites that I sign up with but there's something about this place that keeps me checking back in. There's quite a bit of content that I enjoy reading or in some cases download and yeah @Cookie Monster, ya'll have a great support team that is waiting to answer questions we may have. If y'all can put up with me being a complete noob about some of the things I've needed help with than I don't see how anyone could ever say anything bad about WF. Ya'll got some pretty awesome members who are helpful as well! Keep it up WF 👍
  5. Discord Integration - Prevent Dupe Logins

    Yeah, I think it would indeed still cause dupe accounts. Tbh, it's probably got more to do with discords api. It's very basic but then again, it may be possible to edit some files contained in the jar file after installation and setup but idk if it would break anything. I don't know enough about how all that stuff works fully but I have a general idea I think. I may throw up a test site eventually and I'll likely sink my teeth into the very gut of the application and play a little guess work to see if I can break it to pieces or somehow fix it entirely. Idk really if it's even worth trying. I feel like you guys would understand more of what you were looking at than I would. That php, java and stuff is quite foreign to me still but who knows. I or someone else might actually figure out a great fix or hack that would work efficiently ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Hi, I want to know if you guys would know how to do the following because I'm getting duplicate accounts due to existing site users using the discord sign in option. It's very misleading and my site users don't understand what they're doing wrong. If I remember correctly, if the site user isn't logged in through the default way, that's why this happens... Otherwise it'll tell them their account is not synced. I have pondered on a possible solution that may be a simple fix but idk how to implement this remedy if it's even possible. • Hide Discord Login Method for Guest 1. It can't be hidden through group permissions for app settings =( Resolution: Redirect Guest from signing up through discord to the site's sign up. The link to the problem seems to be at this url: https://discordapp.com/api/v6/oauth2/authorize?response_type=code&client_id=367508591281831936&redirect_uri=https://yoursitename.com/applications/discord/interface/oauth/auth.php&scope=email identify guilds.join&state=front-d531d17910d6c0f959c3fd532eff83af-aHR0cHM6Ly9sZWdpb25lbGl0ZS5uZXQvaW5kZXgucGhwPy9sb2dpbi8= Site Owners: To find your link like the above do the following on your site... Goto > Account Settings > Discord > and disassemble your discord account. Then logout and click on "Sign in with Discord" > accept auth > and look at the url in your browser bar. I'm thinking there's a way to redirect it to the site's main login but I'm not 100% sure if that's even the correct link because I don't know what the url looks like for existing site users after they syn with discord through their account settings. What are your thoughts?
  7. Application Forms

    I have the app to make application forms and I set it to create a topic when a member submits the form. I have the option to label the topic and I was wondering how to make the topic display the name of the applicant.
  8. Group Color On User Links 9

    Ahh well, I just checked again and now it's working lol I guess a few task had to finish running 👍
  9. File Source: I have recently upgraded to IPS Community Suite 4.2.5 and this plugin is no longer working. Is there a simple way to make this work with 4.2.5 as I really enjoyed the plugin.
  10. BoomChat

    Version 7.1


    Boomchat 7.1 ( bridge ) Responsive chat Boomchat is a userfriendly easy to install php chat script that includes lot of uniques features. With is fully responsive design whatever if you are using a mobile a computer or even a tablet boomchat will always fit your screen and give you the best chat experience possible. Boomchat requirement 1 Database ( empty ) Mysqli installed PHP 5.4 or higher and a lot of friend !!!
  11. Change IPS Connect Master

    Well, I umm accidentally configured the wrong site to be the endpoint and idk how to remove the setting to change it? Do you guys know how? I've tried editing the settings but it won't let me. The only thing I can thing of is there's a php file or something to do with my database if I want to reset the ips connect stuff but I don't know how.
  12. Hello, I'm slowly learning how to do various website task but I severely lack in the following areas among other areas not mentioned here. • Theme Styling / Tweaking • Database Integration & Maintenance I am excited to learn about this wonderful and exciting hobby but I need a mentor, someone who is very experienced in customization. I currently need to integrate a separate web application to use the same login credentials for my main cms. I've searched the webs but unfortunately I can't find how to do it. I also need simple edits to prevent people from registering or resetting their password for this second application. I'm hoping to find someone who would be willing to help me for free however, I'm willing to donate a little something for your troubles but I'm on a very strict budget. This is a new hobby of mine and if you're willing to help, we can also discuss a permanent membership role as a site administrator if you're adamant about seeing me through 😁
  13. I'm wondering if you guys have the new beta available anywhere. I've searched the forums but haven't had any luck. Thanks in advance 😎
  14. change icons on userbar

    Nice! Cheers m8 😎