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  1. I am so sorry for missing that. I'll edit this reply soon with things you could do to fix
  2. Hello my friend recommended me Endless Hosting, I am a bit sceptical about the front page looks a bit shady to me - I wanna know if anyone used it and if so is it legit ? https://theendlessweb.com The homepage definitely looks a bit weird, not even mention that you need to request account rather then registering which could be potential data farm? If you have used it let me know if its legit.
  3. How big is the XML file? Is your IPB folder writeable?
  4. Doc1337


    Hello. Nice to see you here, I guess I will reply since no one else did.
  5. I would go with Samsung, there are many reasons, but the main one is: You actually own your device, you are not renting it for full price.
  6. In my opinion most web hosting providers are scammers (NOT ALL OF THEM). Best thing you can do is to buy a VPS and just make your own web server. You can get really great deals on VPS for example I use hetzner.cloud. its probably the best vps pricing I have yet seen, and I never had issues with them. Plus its not hard to make a web server
  7. Doc1337


    Hi Tose welcome to webflake make sure to read rules so you dont get banned
  8. Welcome to Webflake! Enjoy your stay here.
    Works good but you need follow installation instructions if not then its not gonna work for you.