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  1. Hello, I made the update to 4.4, but slides "Who's Online" no longer makes me see the colors of the groups... why?
  2. I tried merge from the ACP, but it doesn't show me in GUEST account. Look at this image the Guest Argo and my vechio account (deleted). and Argo and my new account
  3. How can I recover my account after I delete it? now after it is canceled it shows me on the all post and topic "Guest ....". Can merge account or recovery? Thank you
  4. Hello i have installed on my community vulpes themes 2.0.5. Now when use the theme on all comments in the topic have this error: [[Template forums/front/topics/post is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] Can adjust this error? Thanks
  5. before the old theme went to html code in that box
  6. look... this insert html code from gametracker... but on my forum not work..
  7. And if i need to insert image on the title? with html code...
  8. Insert here html code, on the old themes works but this theme not work. I need for insert image, html color ecc....
  9. Ok this code is for all titles, me need to insert html code in this area. Thank you
  10. I use Choocolate Theme. When I look at the computer everything is normal, when I look at the smarphone, the hatch is no longer in its place. Can fix it?
  11. Hi everybody, I have one probleme. I try to insert html on the forum title but not work. Please Help me. Thanks.