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  1. before the old theme went to html code in that box
  2. look... this insert html code from gametracker... but on my forum not work..
  3. And if i need to insert image on the title? with html code...
  4. Insert here html code, on the old themes works but this theme not work. I need for insert image, html color ecc....
  5. Ok this code is for all titles, me need to insert html code in this area. Thank you
  6. I use Choocolate Theme. When I look at the computer everything is normal, when I look at the smarphone, the hatch is no longer in its place. Can fix it?
  7. Hi everybody, I have one probleme. I try to insert html on the forum title but not work. Please Help me. Thanks.
  8. <?php $config = array ( 'ftp_user' => '*****', 'ftp_pass' => '*****', 'domain' => '', 'file' => 'server.cfg', # relative to 'domain' ); if(isset($_POST['submit'])) { $fp = fopen($config['file'],'w'); fwrite($fp,stripslashes($_POST['newd'])); fclose($fp); $ftp = ftp_connect($config['domain']); ftp_login($ftp,$config['user'],$config['pass']); ftp_put($ftp,$config['file'],$config['file'],FTP_ASCII); ftp_close($ftp); } ?> <form method="post" action="<?=( $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] )?>"> <textarea name="newd"><?=( file_get_contents('ftp://'.$config['user'].':'.$config['pass'].'@'.$config['domain'].'/'.$config['file']) )?></textarea> <input type="submit" name="submit" value="Save"> </form> I have this code but not works :(.
  9. How can I divide a line with the topic profile, example in the image:
  10. I'm using ips deflections 4.2 theme
  11. Hello, how can i delete those icons?