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  1. Audi holds it down with the AI stuff that's integrated in the vehicles but BMW wins when it comes to looks.
  2. Seems like Jeffrey bailed so I'm still looking for someone to complete the tasks listed above.
  3. Hello, I have a custom theme that needs a bit of touching up on the bugs (One major bug is the adjustment of forums and icons on different screen resolutions) and modifying the font colors as well as adding other tiny details to the forums (logos with links, editing color of blocks, etc). I'm hoping this doesn't take more than a day or two. My budget for this is $15. We can work on a price and adjust it if necessary.
  4. I've been a windows user all my life, tried Mac OS but no really a fan of it.
  5. I'd say Youtube since I don't stream.
  6. I come alive in the nighttime.
  7. It snowed today a little