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  1. I was just about to write: Windows, but that no longer exists for smart devices. Definitely Android to me.
  2. Linux for Homeserver and Windows for daily work and fun.
  3. Also with me it took some time, until I came from quasi zero to over hundred members with my side. I started when IPS version 4 was currently available for download on webflake and invisionvirus. About a month ago I had about 120 members. The community was mainly concerned with Android, Windows and related devices, as well as helping with problems with these. For me it would have been unthinkable at that time to even try to fake any content or rather members. Not just because I was active in the bilingual area. German and English. Unfortunately I had rented a .eu domain, which expired a few weeks ago and would have had to be renewed. Since I didn't want to spend a three-digit amount for a reactivation of the domain and also noticed that most members only registered once for an order and the purchase of a voucher code for Debriditalia, I lost the ambition to continue the whole thing. Now I have my domain isacologne with .de ending (by the way for the price of 1,- €/month) used years ago again in use. So far with the same content: Android and Windows, as well as a blog with IT news. The problem: today you fall over all those pages which deal with these topics and the offer of help. Since a few days I have outsourced the shop area with the help of another software (shopware), because I specialize more in Dropshipping. A bounce rate of the visitors, which is currently 26 percent, speaks for itself. And this even though I haven't yet connected Google, Amazon, Facebook and Instagram. I will simply wait and see and offer more interesting products whose prices speak for themselves.
  4. I think I was able to help solve his problem yesterday. If someone is looking for an app for self-created codes, he can contact me by private message. The only requirement: IPS Commerce is installed.
  5. Version 4.3.x is definitely better than 4.2.x. Simply because of the improved elastic search. I could not find any errors during and after the upgrade. Before you change the version, please note that all apps and plugins must be deactivated first. There will be several of these with the version. 4.3.x does not work. On the other hand, it is also possible that the front pages are no longer displayed. After the upgrade, you can then test each application by activating it one by one and checking the behavior of the page.
  6. My pet: His Name ist Festus.
  7. I've heard this music so far:
  8. Verry helpful tutorial for some users. Thanks!
  9. I had Eset on subscription several years ago. Meanwhile I only use the Defender in Windows 10. On Android I had only installed an antivirus tool as a test. Usually I don't need that there when I use the system.
  10. The problem here is that the apps should certainly also "call home" and should first be "cleaned up" by a professional after purchase.
  11. Ask yourself: Would they never want to take so much money for their products from me again?
  12. Well, if you all knew what could be won here...
  13. As already mentioned, the best option is via Paysafecard. Paysafecard, however, requires a completely registered business. This means: deposit tax number and complete address, as well as go through ID procedures. However, it is up to you to decide whether you want to support other mobile phone providers. A simple solution would be e.g. the choice of your own mobile network. Let your customers pay you with credit codes for your mobile phone connection.
  14. I would simply take a hoster in your place, who charges a few dollars but has no further restrictions. Personally, I have been using iFastnet. com (formerly Byethost) for some years now and have never had any problems.