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  1. My pet: His Name ist Festus.
  2. I've heard this music so far:
  3. Verry helpful tutorial for some users. Thanks!
  4. I had Eset on subscription several years ago. Meanwhile I only use the Defender in Windows 10. On Android I had only installed an antivirus tool as a test. Usually I don't need that there when I use the system.
  5. Interesting tutorial. Thank you! I applied it to my side. But only among the group of admins, otherwise I still feel like in the "colorful and flashing 90s".
  6. The problem here is that the apps should certainly also "call home" and should first be "cleaned up" by a professional after purchase.
  7. Ask yourself: Would they never want to take so much money for their products from me again?
  8. Well, if you all knew what could be won here...
  9. As already mentioned, the best option is via Paysafecard. Paysafecard, however, requires a completely registered business. This means: deposit tax number and complete address, as well as go through ID procedures. However, it is up to you to decide whether you want to support other mobile phone providers. A simple solution would be e.g. the choice of your own mobile network. Let your customers pay you with credit codes for your mobile phone connection.
  10. Humaniac

    Good web hosting

    Take a look at iFastnet. com. They may take a few dollars, but they don't have any restrictions. In addition, they (now for a good 4 years) have no problem with the fact that I have installed IPS there.
  11. I would simply take a hoster in your place, who charges a few dollars but has no further restrictions. Personally, I have been using iFastnet. com (formerly Byethost) for some years now and have never had any problems.
    This small but nice tool is very useful and helpful. I have installed it on my site and activated it for members.
  12. Due to the fact that we will soon be announcing the hustle and bustle in Germany, I have already dared to design and publish my avatar accordingly. In this sense: Kölle Alaaf! :smiley_z:

    1. Davlin


      You Germans have some crazy festivals. :joy:

    2. Humaniac


      In my opinion, however, it is still better than any kind of parade, such as in Scotland, Beijing, Moscow or something like that. Personally, I would also be more interested in the carnival in Rio. Of course, only because of the sugar loaf. :drool: