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  1. Good web hosting

    Take a look at iFastnet. com. They may take a few dollars, but they don't have any restrictions. In addition, they (now for a good 4 years) have no problem with the fact that I have installed IPS there.
  2. I would simply take a hoster in your place, who charges a few dollars but has no further restrictions. Personally, I have been using iFastnet. com (formerly Byethost) for some years now and have never had any problems.
    This small but nice tool is very useful and helpful. I have installed it on my site and activated it for members.
  3. Due to the fact that we will soon be announcing the hustle and bustle in Germany, I have already dared to design and publish my avatar accordingly. In this sense: Kölle Alaaf! :smiley_z:

    1. Davlin


      You Germans have some crazy festivals. :joy:

    2. Humaniac


      In my opinion, however, it is still better than any kind of parade, such as in Scotland, Beijing, Moscow or something like that. Personally, I would also be more interested in the carnival in Rio. Of course, only because of the sugar loaf. :drool: