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    i try install at wp 5.2.7 but failed..it say compatible with 5.2.x or have latest version for 5.4.2?
  1. u can try nfoservers.com, im using this host game and web more then 7 year..
  2. Ju-One


    i glad have release for 4.3
  3. where should i setting, i already disable 3rd party login at database using phpmyadmin
  4. i cant login ACP using administrator account, it show this what should i do?
  5. upgrade to +Blizzard..u get 50 download/day
  6. maybe u reach limit download
  7. try check ur firewall
  8. u using internet download manager..u should set block download at IDM. im also use IDM, when visit some site, it popup request to download
  9. Ju-One

    Topic Closed

    when u admin or mod, u can locked topic. so other user cant post anymore
  10. nice guide for upgrading
    I have issue when im use theme titan..it not appear as screenshot above..when i try use other theme, it work fine.. How to fix issue at appear at Titan theme? Anyone can guide?
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