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  1. System Locked

    system default locked..
  2. Validating Members

    non validate still can access ur forum but cant post or reply any post
  3. before i can using google login..i dont know after im upgrade to ips 4.2.5 or google update api, google login not working anymore..i try make new api..it show this error "Google rejected the details provided. Please check the details you provided have been entered correctly and try again. " im already follow guideline ips, still not wotking..
  4. Club keep reload

    it ask to disable all app and plugin..i disable all and test still face same problem..
  5. Club keep reload

    it problem after i change domain. before it ok. i not try install fresh yet..for upgrade im already done..still have problem upgrade from 4.2.2 to 4.2.4
  6. Club keep reload

    when enter club it keep reloading, how to fix it here link for my club https://mythnetworks.com/forum/index.php?/clubs/1-pirates-war/
  7. Problem with toolbar

    i try test default theme, chemeleon..it work fine, problem with veizor and titan theme
  8. Problem with toolbar

    im using [4.2] veizor dark theme
  9. Problem with toolbar

    When create new topic or reply, toolbar icon mess with difference function, example link image icon but function as italic, how to fix this..im already reset default at toolbar in admin cp but still same..at admin cp, toolbar show icon with correct function
  10. 4.2 Enhanced User Info Panel

    I have issue when im use theme titan..it not appear as screenshot above..when i try use other theme, it work fine.. How to fix issue at appear at Titan theme? Anyone can guide?
  11. How to register using login social only

    thankz..i will try
  12. How to register using login social only

    @Cookie Monster..i cant enable spamfirewall, it say remove and install again plugin..i try but not working my solution now im just allow domain from yahoo,gmail,outlook and hotmail for register and set 1 day delete non validate acc..still got few spammer but reduce alot spammer
  13. How to register using login social only

    I try install Anti-Spam IPS4.. TQ pimpen and MOD Cookie Monster
  14. How to register using login social only

    ok.. spammer keep register everyday at my forum..that y i want disable standard register..
  15. How to register using login social only

    thank alot..