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  1. I'm working fine on 4.4.2 Fully working version for 4.4.2 Member Reputation in Userbar.xml
  2. My plugin Member Reputation in Userbar.xml
  3. Yes. IPS - 4.4.1 Chatbox - v4.0.0 Chatbox Extender - 1.0.16 FAQ System - 3.2
  4. Chatbox Extender raises an error (EX0) when you create a question in the FAQ
    Good style. But there are many questions about design, and compatibility with other plugins. Very naughty Theme.
  5. I downloaded - Member Reputation in Userbar - 1.0.5, And there is a problem. Not correctly sees member_id For some reason he makes it with a space. and go to the Profile tab is impossible. I checked the code Xml, but could not find anything.
  6. Where can I throw the log? There is protection here. Log
  7. Error in Donations-3.3.0-IPS 4.4.1
  8. pet9948


    Ок. I'm Sorry
  9. pet9948


    problem with posts in topics of 4.3. Record templates do not work.
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