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  1. I wish to do the same on my forum, please help me How to setup the Popular contributors block? Thanks
  2. Is it possible to activate the EmojiOne Style? If yes, how? Right now I can only work with the Native ones witch are black and white. Do We have to get a license to use it? If yes, where to install it? Thanks for your help, you rock guys
  3. Working great now, just needed a little time. Thank you all, issue solved
  4. Well, once again I need your help. I bought a ssl certificate from my webhoster and install it. I fix the htaccess and config_global.php to include the https in my website. But still no padlock. My padlock test: How to fix this : I contacted the host , I got: " redirecting from htaccess not always fix the issue, you must update your website default URL to https from your website's admin control panel as some of your images and forms are loading on http example :
    It's need an upgrade, it just wont work in IPS Board 4.3.0
  5. Issue fixed, just had to download the latest Chatbox 3.0.1, all set now:
  6. When i use emojies in text in chatbox, they only write "true" and the images are not shown screenshots: How to fix that? Issue fixed, just had to download the latest Chatbox 3.0.1, all set now:
  7. Ok thanks a bunch, getting back to work, again.
  8. Hello, I tried to upgrade my forum to the latest IPS board , using the cpanel/file manager. And I didn't know it would replaced anything without asking. I end up creating a error 500 and killing my site (didn't make a backup). So I'm asking you now, When we upgrade to a newer IPS board, witch file we don't have to replace in the file manager in order to prevent what happen? N.B. I used to work with filezilla to upgrade but could no longer login to the server with it. What other tools could I use to upgrade ?
  9. Good news! Version 4.2.9 of Invision Community is now available. This includes a security patch and we recommend you upgrade as soon as possible. "Version 4.2.9 of Invision Community is now available and includes a security update. Released 04/17/2018" What is the link to download this, I can't find it.?? Thanks in advanced
  10. Since I have a good ssl certificate: " If you have an SSL cert and you need URLs rewritten, then you can change your board's URL to incorporate that, and it should rewrite to https:// for pulling image files and other uploads." Where and how to do that in ips 4.2.8? Thanks for your help
  11. I ran my "why no padlock" and I have 7 issues with insecure image example: An image with an insecure url of "http://yoursite/uploads/monthly_2018_03/nav_stripes.png.5406f608e63b3c7942cd2780f5353704.png" was loaded on line: 7011 of This URL will need to be updated to use a secure URL for your padlock to return. Anyone know how to fix that? any pugins in ips , softwares or tutorial? Thank you