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  1. Over sided icon size. In Matter Theme

    I have a problem with over sized icons has categories icons for forum sections in Matter Theme, please help me fix this. I wish to share this theme to my subscribers.Thank you all.
  2. search engine

    yeas, thanks, question answered.
  3. color and sparkles

    alright thanks, question answered then
  4. color and sparkles

    the long code series is for custom.css?
  5. color and sparkles

    ok thanks, well i try this :<span style="background: url(https://i.imgur.com/skMrJae.gif); color: #55d820; font-weight: bold; text-shadow: 0 0 .9em #ffffff;"Baddog-11 where you said and it didn't work at all
  6. color and sparkles

    where to put that line of code, in custom.css?
  7. type of content in reply

    Is there a way to set rules for replies , like not to use replies like "ty" , "thanks", or any non sense like "jhdjuhfjsdhfjh" If yes, where and how to set it? Or a minimum number of characters to use.
  8. IP.SEO , for ips

    thanks for the quick answer, question answered
  9. IP.SEO , for ips

    Hello I need a sitemap generator plugin, it shows google how to scan the forum, this is something I have to have , very important xml sitemap generator all I found so far was: IP.SEO for IP.Board: IP.SEO 1.5.2 and I don't know if it would even work for ips 4.2.5 and I've seen no new version of this. Maybe there's another way , can you help me setting this up? Thanks.
  10. email settings

    I need to set the emails in ips 4.2.5 and so far I can't make it to work anyone has infos about the email sending and receiving settings, everything i try shows errors. Please help me with steps and or screenshots.
  11. Top poster

    ok, thanks, question answered then
  12. Top poster

    Hi, I would like to know if there 's a way to create a custom block that would feature the top poster ( most posted topics) , to place it in my forum. Any ideas?
  13. Last to post wins!

    win what?
  14. Chatbox isn't working

    All you have to do after installing the app is to go to community -->Chatbox-->Settings and edit the permisions from there.How to UseGo to ACP > Community > Chatbox > Settings to turn on the Chatbox and set the permissions: view, chat, manage,... Then go to the front page, click the arrow on the left to open Blocks Manager, and drag the Chatbox widget to top/bottom or sidebar. I'm using chatbox 2.0.0 on ips 4.2.5 and it's working .
  15. color and sparkles

    Is it possible to have both the color and sparkles effect on a member class? Like Admin red and sparkling i know about: Under Group Formatting choose “HTML”. Then add to the first field <span class="your-groupname"> and </span> to the second one. Then go to your theme CSS, find custom.css and add your sparkle image to your group name class. .your-groupname { background: url(https://i.imgur.com/skMrJae.gif); } But I wish to keep the color has well.