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  1. Under construction set up

    I need to know how to set an under construction page while I redo my site. A what to do step by step would be the best. Thank you.
  2. Remake my website

    Ok thanks for the tips, the question is now solved.
  3. Remake my website

    Hello, I consider , redo my website because of rookie mistakes in the beginning, I couldn't add new forum sections anymore. So I want to know, where the post of the forum are stored so I wont loose everything in the process and also how to keep my database. I plan to delete the content of the public_html, and only keep, cgi-bin and .htaccess. Please help me
  4. Approval queue stuck

    ok, thanks, but I prefer not touch that, consider the question solved, thanks
  5. Approval queue stuck

    in witch section do you installed it? CSS? I need a second opinion on this one, please
  6. rule for edit

    yeah by author or others. cause the post get a +1 each time
  7. rule for edit

    help me out , i want to make it work Edit Rule WHEN: Content "edit" IF: Content author’s post "edit" THEN: Content author’s post count equals -1 can you help me fix it so it will work, something's not right? acp / system / manage rules
  8. email registration

    i tried has I thought, by adding the emails domain, and it seams to work
  9. I discover a problem since I upgrade to the new version. 2 vip members got there accounts deleted, and in the member list they are still shown has vip member. The history says it otherwise. http://prntscr.com/h93g1s http://prntscr.com/h93gmx proof in these screenshots. Please help.
  10. I want to limit the number of reply in certain forum sections. Other then the regular posting limit per days for group members. Is three a ways like rules setting, or plugins, applications to do that? http://prntscr.com/h821lh
  11. Approval queue stuck

    Approval queue stuck to 1 even when there's nothing to approved. http://prntscr.com/h6x0f7
  12. email registration

    I have issue with registration with fake or temporary emails. I need to know how to add the emails domain in the section: "Allowed email domains for registration" to prevent once and for all that re-occurring problem. Thanks
  13. trial member

    ok thanks i'll try that
  14. trial member

    I need your help, it might look stupid, but it's real. I add a new member class, trial member. But I can't make a new member start in that class. How to fix this?
  15. bug in editing post/thread

    It's easy to understand, when I edit a post the post count increase , and it's not a new post, I am editing the same post, is it clear now. like here my post remain 89 even if I edit my post here 2X.