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  1. Under construction set up

    cool, thanks, that was fast. Problem solved
  2. Under construction set up

    I need to know how to set an under construction page while I redo my site. A what to do step by step would be the best. Thank you.
  3. Remake my website

    Ok thanks for the tips, the question is now solved.
  4. Remake my website

    Hello, I consider , redo my website because of rookie mistakes in the beginning, I couldn't add new forum sections anymore. So I want to know, where the post of the forum are stored so I wont loose everything in the process and also how to keep my database. I plan to delete the content of the public_html, and only keep, cgi-bin and .htaccess. Please help me
  5. Approval queue stuck

    ok, thanks, but I prefer not touch that, consider the question solved, thanks
  6. Approval queue stuck

    in witch section do you installed it? CSS? I need a second opinion on this one, please
  7. Approval queue stuck

    Approval queue stuck to 1 even when there's nothing to approved. http://prntscr.com/h6x0f7
  8. trial member

    ok thanks i'll try that
  9. trial member

    I need your help, it might look stupid, but it's real. I add a new member class, trial member. But I can't make a new member start in that class. How to fix this?
  10. See the new post in chatbox

    yes, all in chatbox extender forum section, didn't need to create a club after all. Thanks again!
  11. See the new post in chatbox

    fixed, chatbox extender , forum section, all in there. topic solved question answered
  12. See the new post in chatbox

    so you create a club called minichat , what do you put in settings? and chatbox extender for it to work? You make it in open or public, i want everyone to have access Can you explain how to set it up, in details? please
  13. See the new post in chatbox

    It might be a stupid question, but I don't remember how to set the chatbox to show a message when a new topic or post his added in the forum
  14. search engine

    yeas, thanks, question answered.
  15. color and sparkles

    alright thanks, question answered then