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    its great, thanks is there a way to add this field to the registration form?
  1. harry91

    IPS 4.3 Email errors

    but i have my email on an own host not the samme box as my homepage. so localhost want work for me i get this also: IPS\Email\Outgoing\Exception: email_test_mailfunction_disabled (0)
  2. i like arma 3 project life
  3. After changing to ips 4.3 Cant get the email settings to work? Tryed SMTP and PHP without luck. so the registration email never comes. even tryed the SMTP settings on a third party testing tools and they worked but not on ips 4.3 tested the settings here and they worked. anyone know what this can be?
  4. looks like gta, has the most players too
  5. Arma 3 RP or Gta V RP ? what to start server on?
  6. Any one here that can help me with an gaming community layout and setup
  7. harry91

    (VN42) FLine

    Hello i love it All works fine except the slides. Slide 1 and 2 works great But slide 3 and 4 when I activate they come up but without the background image?