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  1. Pick up all the food in the world and help the needy!
  2. Technically the Rich Discord only serves to synchronize the positions of the forum with the Discord, while the other allows you to log in with your Discord account in the community.
  3. Solved, it's an instability with the "Advanced Multi-Tool" plugin.
  4. Hello! The page of a Club is all unconfigured. Does anyone know what to say and how to solve it?
  5. Honestly, it depends a lot on the case. I lately like to make quick lives on Facebook to promote my channel on Twitch that is more geared towards games. But for general lives, I recommend YouTube itself because it has a wider scope.
  6. GTA V. It has an excellent multiplayer!
    It worked for me, but next to the user's photo is only one point, it does not show how many people are online... I found a solution to the problem: JS code was incorrect, below is correct. /* Twitch status */ function pageUpdate () { $('.twitchFP').each(function () { var tnick = $(this).data('tnick'); var div = $(this).next(); $.getJSON("https://api.twitch.tv/kraken/streams/"+ tnick +"?client_id=avp4t1ix2zrbz98zvum3ibcd1vjabyd&callback=?", function (data) { if (data.stream === null) { div.html( //stream is offline! '<strong class="ipsOnlineStatus ipsOnlineStatus_offline"><i class="fa fa-circle"></i></strong><h4 class="ipsDataItem_title ipsType_break"> ' + tnick + ' </h4><div class="ipsDataItem_meta">Offline</div>'); } else { // stream is online! var views = data.stream.viewers; var game = data.stream.game; div.html( //stream is online! '<strong class="ipsOnlineStatus ipsOnlineStatus_online"><i class="fa fa-circle"></i></strong><h4 class="ipsDataItem_title ipsType_break"> ' + tnick + ' </h4><div class="ipsDataItem_meta"> ' + views + ' viewers </div><div class="ipsDataItem_meta">Playing: '+ game +' </div>'); } $(function() { // Sort by Online user var online = $('.ipsOnlineStatus_online').closest('.cCmsRecord_row'); var first = $('.cCmsRecord_row')[0]; online.each(function() { $(first).before(this); }); }); }); }); }; pageUpdate(); /** * IPS Social Suite 4 * (c) 2013 Invision Power Services - http://www.invisionpower.com * * ips.releaseNotes.main.js - Release notes controller * * Author: Rikki Tissier */ ;( function($, _, undefined){ "use strict"; ips.controller.register('pages.front.releaseNotes.main', { _ajaxObj: null, initialize: function () { this.on( 'click', '[data-releaseID]', this.showRelease ); this.setup(); }, setup: function () { // Find the current release if available var showFirst = this.scope.find('[data-role="releases"] [data-currentRelease]'); if( !showFirst.length ) { showFirst = this.scope.find('[data-role="releases"] [data-releaseID]').first(); } if( showFirst.length ){ showFirst.click(); } }, showRelease: function (e) { e.preventDefault(); var self = this; var link = $( e.currentTarget ).attr('href'); var infoPanel = this.scope.find('[data-role="releaseInfo"]'); // Cancel any current requests if( this._ajaxObj && _.isFunction( this._ajaxObj.abort ) ){ this._ajaxObj.abort(); } // Set panel to loading infoPanel .css({ height: infoPanel.height() + 'px' }) .html( $('<div/>').addClass('ipsLoading').css({ height: '100px' }) ); // Unhighlight all others, then highlight this one this.scope.find('[data-releaseID]').removeClass('ipsAreaBackground_light'); $( e.currentTarget ).addClass('ipsAreaBackground_light'); this._ajaxObj = ips.getAjax()( link, { data: { rating_submitted: 1 } }) .done( function (response) { var responseContent = $("<div>" + response + "</div>"); var content = responseContent.find('#elCmsPageWrap'); infoPanel.html( content ).css({ height: 'auto' }); $( document ).trigger( 'contentChange', [ infoPanel ] ); }); } }); }(jQuery, _));
  7. Thanks, @titcrunch, worked! I used the first solution and it worked perfectly. However, adding this code to "custom.css" removed from all forums. Would there be any way to inform the ID of the forums that should not display the list of subforums?
  8. Hello, community! Can anyone here tell me how to stop displaying the subforums on the homepage of a specific forum (image below)? I would like it to appear only after clicking on the "Games" category. Thanks for any help! Regards, Aquiles.
  9. Aquiles


    Thank you! Is there any possibility of being updated? Thank you!
  10. Hi, guys! I would like to remove the link / contact form located in the footer of the site, next to "Themes" and "Languages". Does anyone know how to do this? Thank you!
  11. Hello, community! I've been trying to remove the Behemoth theme Copyright available for download here on Webflake, but I was not successful. Does anyone know how to do this? Thank you!