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  1. J'ignore si tu es français donc je posterais également une traduction, merci pour ton avis, en effet la vague après le splash a été retirée et les gouttes ont été améliorées. Thank for your review, we deleted the wave after the splash and we upgrade the style of the drops. Hey ! Thank you for your review Thank you for your review
  2. I live in France so I was not able to see the super bowl If Coca Cola make ads this year I guess that's the greatest again
  3. I have tried many too, from MyBB to Xen and IPB, My favorite for the speed and the simplicity to use was Flarum but it's still under development and currently is hard to make a real community with only Flarum. IPS Community for me still the #1
  4. Android is great for customization and open-source. As windows VS Mac it's the same things.. iOS is great but it's closed-source so impossible to add a custom ROM or something like that.
  5. PS4 is great but XBOX is good too, only things that could be better: multiplayer without a subscription..
  6. Dark theme is great for a lot of communities for exemple gaming etc. For professional websites it's better to use light theme for me.
  7. I'm currently under Mac OS Mojave, the interface is good but it's easier to customize windows and a lot of software still not really compatible with MacOS..
  8. Say Invision-virus or web flake on the chatbox of the forum and see if the admin rage or if your account vanish into the ban members :shrug:
  9. I think this order have too much chocolate, but I think that @Cookie Monster like chocolate a lot ! Here's a preview of my first avatar done with 3 varient(brown chocolate, white chocolate, transparent chocolate ) :