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  1. Tags and prefixes

    How to have different required tags/prefixes depending on the section. E.g. Xenforo has 1.8, 1.9 whereas Ipboards has 4.1,4.2
  2. Hope someone can get this thanks https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8277-twitch-streams-widget/
  3. Reasons for Tags?

    Why are tags required in most forums like in 4.2 IP boards you have to choose a tag from "4.2,4.1,4.x", clearly my question/request is 4.2 related or I wouldn't be in the 4.2 board? Just seems a silly requirement
  4. Wondering if anyone has this and could add it to the downloads. Thanks! https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8593-df42-members-social-info/
  5. Help with Hide Content until reply profile view problem.

    Have you tried looking via a normal user to see if they can see the hidden content?
  6. What's bumpin in your headphones?

    Camila Cabello Havana
  7. Is this a fresh install or upgrading from an older version?
  8. Put a different theme in each category

    When creating a category select the theme you want under "Theme Override"
  9. Clubs - Increase Content Count option

    I don't believe this is possible sorry
  10. Per usergroup emojis?

    There's no way to do this on the core version of IP Boards
  11. Did you ever buy an antivirus?

    Windows Defender all the way
  12. Xenforo or IPB?

    IP is less dependant on Plugins in my opinion so you aren't limited by waiting for developers to upgrade plugins
  13. I always go with Godaddy when I start out a new website only £14 for a year
  14. Suggest games

    Fortnite is amazing
  15. Last to post wins!

    Nope I am