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  1. Check me out https://gamingdownloads.net/
  2. Version 1.1.4


    Edoba Demo: https://ips.templanet.pl/ Login & Password: test Dark theme with huge theme settings. Can be used for any forums. Have a lot of settings and you can fully customise it.
    Can't seem to get this working
  3. Title says it all For me, it's all the dumb shit from the past and wishing I could go back
  4. I know that this is a old topic but the only thing I noticed dramatically affected was customer support. I called my networking company a few times and it took minimum a hour just to speak with someone.
  5. https://www.ipsfocus.com/themes/wireless/ Can this be updated to 4.4 Wireless_43.rar
  6. How can I change the name "Portal" to "Home" Is this possible? Thank you in advance!
  7. Hey everyone I would like to request the latest version of this https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/7614-advanced-tags-prefixes/
  8. Hi, I was just curious on how to change the default homepage? My homepage is set to "Downloads" and I would like to change to portal.
  9. PC preferably, back when Xbox 360 was first released I would have never chosen the PC.
  10. Well I am not exactly new to this forum, been using it for years now but I never actually made a formal introduction. Anyways, most active forums that I was a member on got shutdown so I needed a new place to go, I figured I might as well be more active on here! Cheers!
  11. Hey everyone! I am new to the forum. How is everyone today?
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