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  1. IPS 4.2 How to remove donation goal out of /donate

    You should just be able to remove it via the Block Manager.
  2. Group Color on User Link 10

    @Stevie Wallis Works great! However for the version, you should put 4.2.x, not 4.2.7.
  3. Support admincp database error

    Can you send a screenshot of the error so we're on the same page?
  4. Count to 10 before a staff member posts

  5. Support admincp database error

    Did you empty the sessions database table? You don't need to delete it, just empty it.
  6. Remove DevFuse copyright on Portal 1.6.0

    Thanks! This can also be done straight from FTP in case you won't want to upload a new version. Just make sure you backup the files beforehand and be careful to cleanly remove the code.
  7. Post/Topic Feed refreshes slow

    Check out what @Cookie Monster said and then I'd contact your host. Setting permissions to 755 oftentimes fixes the problems, but sometimes the issue is with the service Apache/nginx/php-fpm not having proper permissions to write and access files on your website. I would tell that to your host, and send screenshots as well. Best of luck!
  8. [HQ] Member of the month

    Working great on IPS 4.2.6, with the exception of the "last logged in" in the widget and some CSS issues that can be easily fixed. Thanks Davlin!
  9. Spacious ACP

    Been waiting for this for a while now. Thanks @BrammerN!
  10. Post/Topic Feed refreshes slow

    Nothing in your error log? That means that you've got permissions errors, where your Apache/nginx cannot write to the log. You need to get that sorted FIRST before anything else. Tell your host that nothing is showing up in your logs. Logs are the most important part of diagnosing any server-side problem. This is an ugly problem, but if you want it fixed you've got to cover all the bases of what the issue might be. That's what webmasters do!
  11. Post/Topic Feed refreshes slow

    What do you mean when you say "disabled" Cloudflare? Did you unpass it from the DNS, because that's what you're supposed to do (orange cloud should now be gray). Restart your apache/nginx. Also, could you post your apache/nginx logs here? Might be a permissions/group error.
  12. FLine theme articles slide don't work

    Make sure to choose a best answer to the left of a post if you're done with this topic! Thanks.