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  1. A small team of developers and I have recently started working together, I as CEO am making this message, Excital Entertainment will be launched officially as of 02/15/19. Our aim is to change the game. The gaming industry has taken a turn for the worse in our opinion, it's nothing but big franchises just copying old games and releasing the same thing under new impressions. Our game focuses on the storyline unlike many games in the current day focusing more on being a first person shooter. We got tired of seeing the same thing every year, so we decided to make a change. Now, this is not me advertising but putting the friendly word out there that my company and I aim to release a story driven game here coming in 2020, perhaps mid year or later in the year. The official game description as of 02/11/2019 is the following: " A thrilling third person tale following a small town detective in a seemingly endless journey of depression, betrayal, and investigation in the attempt to uncover the details of the murder of his late wife. " We hope to see progress soon and to see support for the project!
  2. I've used apple for years now. I've kinda been regretting lately staying with the franchise for the sole reason that it feels like each phone is rushed and there's not much of a difference between the newer models and the older models except for touch ups being made.
  3. I use this site to help benefit my community at an Arma 3 Life Community. We are a 'dark ares gaming' revival and have used this site countless times. It's never shown us defeat with our IPS Website and we are glad to see that it's still doing so well! I am a Community Director there and have been for countless months stacked on years. Well done Webflake, we appreciate your standing and thank you members for making this experience enjoyable.
  4. I am absolutely loving this site, I am by chance, the luckiest guy LOL. Great site you guys. Good job.
  5. I am an Arma 3 developer and I use this website and it's amazing free applications because it literally does not get better than this!