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  1. welcome aboard , dont forget to browse the forum rules before doing anything else
  2. Welcome aboard dont forget to read the rules before you hop into the wagon
  3. actually this is a fair price for such a thing the guy put in time and effort to build the site and put content in it i belive its more than fair price.
  4. Welcome man its great to see new faces and especially those who like to help and become part of the community welcome aboard
  5. AH! Cookie you need the one funnier than omm nom take the internet one i psost pretty funny
  6. good day sir we are good welcome aboard its great to have you here with us read rules first and be sure to have fun
  7. can you show screenshots of what you see when you open admin cp in customization themes
  8. welcome aboard great to have you here with us
  9. welcome aboard great to have you here im also new but remember to read the news and to follow the rules
  10. Chrome is the best one , Edge is the worst one even opera beats it
  11. as i said before the IPB is the most amazing board its services, support, wide verity of functions its unbeatable
  12. I've never tried bothering to buy one as the free ones seem to do the job just as fine i have the AVG popping up each time to notify me its not registered but at least it blocks unwanted goods out
  13. There was an amazing dish i tried at Moldova last week it was a hollow bread filled with chicken and mushroom soup oh the taste the texture you cant move for a week after it tho so keep in mind that this dish is very heavy