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  1. indeed i have and it worked perfectly without any limitation
  2. Welcome man its great to see new faces and especially those who like to help and become part of the community welcome aboard
  3. pumbaa from my experience and I've worked with Fatcow and with ipages they both offer great service at low price only pay attention to move host every year as price goes up substantially
  4. AH! Cookie you need the one funnier than omm nom take the internet one i psost pretty funny
  5. i wont be sure to whats good or not, i would recommend ipage or fatcow if you need one year plans they are very cheap
  6. good day sir we are good welcome aboard its great to have you here with us read rules first and be sure to have fun
  7. can you show screenshots of what you see when you open admin cp in customization themes
  8. what you are refering to is group icon you can create it easily by accessing the admin cp and adding a custom user group title there are many packs available around the internet and then you upload them to the image folder and assign the group according to the desired title like MODERATOR or SUPER MOD
  9. 1. registration plugin : click here for afew plugins 2. you can use the plugin : here it will allow you to download and install the plugin for wordpress with google maps here's another option 3. are you refering to SMS messages ?
  10. welcome aboard great to have you here with us
  11. welcome aboard great to have you here im also new but remember to read the news and to follow the rules
  12. the promotional code is : SCW227 30% of all trades and in addition if you use G73 you may get 20% of all deals upon purchase of 59$ or higher 1 day 14 hours leftShopsssss Now https://shop.advanceautoparts.com/home?irgwc=1&SID=WW3545cc105acd425c181bae59&utm_source=cj&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=7278242&utm_content=10711147
  13. Chrome is the best one , Edge is the worst one even opera beats it
  14. as i said before the IPB is the most amazing board its services, support, wide verity of functions its unbeatable
  15. I've never tried bothering to buy one as the free ones seem to do the job just as fine i have the AVG popping up each time to notify me its not registered but at least it blocks unwanted goods out