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  1. Hi guys. Ive worked on my forum theme and, i dont know how to move things around in user panel.. like make gaps between things. Heres what it looks now: And this is what i want to create: anyone can tell me how to make em apart? Im new to this.. I just know that i have to do it userinfopane.css.. Pluss im npt sure if ive posted this in right forum. any help will do lads. cheers!
  2. Hi everyone. Ive came here for some help as I dont know much about coding. Ive workrd on User side panel and I dont know how to do some things. Heres what I have: And heres what I would love to make, but I dont have any idea how to do: Maybe if someone has some time, can help me with this? Heres code of it, if you have spare time and love to help me, you can even keep result for you and claim it as yours. <if test="memberbox:|:$this->memberData['member_id']"> <div class='ipsSideBlock clearfix'> <h3>Sveicināts, <a href="{parse url=