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  1. Exams have finished. I am back ONLINE!
  2. There are some forums on 3.4 (my version is 3.4.8) where they post the image link within a page template like Imgur but it automatically grabs the image file. Just wanted to know how they do this. So for example instead of posting the full link https://i.imgur.com/KqQkX4A.gif you post https://imgur.com/a/JElDu and it shows up or can use the 'paste image' button to grab the image and place it. Does anyone have a plugin or know how to do this? EDIT: Afaik its called image embedding but so far all the plugins I've found aren't compatible or simply not working. Thanks in advance.
  3. 3.4.9 ipb ACP compromised

    Depending on how much ACP access they had this is possible. Afaik, through the theme area one could add potential exploits as well as towards the database section within ACP. I'd check the logs area in the ACP see where they went.
  4. Advanced Tags & Prefixes

    I faced this same problem. I overcame it through a manual code in the theme custom.css but this will only work if you want all of your tags & prefixes to be capital much like the one in 3.4. Now I'm not sure what the exact class is for you but for me it was something like ipsBadge or ipsTag_prefix within the span tag and the code text-transform:uppercase!important; Because I couldn't find this within the theme I presume its handled via the plugin.
  5. What Computer Language(s) do you practice?

    Thats a nice list. Frameworks make everything easier nowadays. I was very interested in MVC structures so I dove into Laravel and I've so far loved it. I'm working on a small project for a friend's business with the Laravel framework - and much of the project is going very smoothly.
  6. I personally do the HTML, CSS, PHP etc. for web-related & Java for OOP. Looking to get into other languages once some projects stabilize. What about you?
  7. What Browser do you guys use?

    Firefox all day, everyday.
  8. VideoBox

    This would be a very nice share.
  9. Very glad for this. Thank you very much for standing out of the crowd and asserting a moral approach.
  10. What is SEO

    Its a good tutorial but a quick skim through it just makes it seem like its far too outdated. Oh I just checked the date created. I would recommend someone putting some effort in updating this thread. SEO has become a crucial key in online businesses and successful growth with many advances in softwares and technology.
  11. Generating a Strong Password

    For quickly making strong passwords I use http://passwordsgenerator.net/ and it helps me out. If it helps you well then thats good!
  12. I recently bought 2 VPS from SiteSpace at $6 which decent servers (in terms of performance and net speeds). They recently migrated their servers and have provided even better specs now. Additionally, the owner recently bought graphic services from me through Discord (personal level). He has been very polite and professional even with Discord service buying. I really recommend them. https://sitespace.io/
  13. Remove Nulled in AdminCP

    Thank you for this tutorial.