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  1. Thank you Davlin. I'll give it a go when I have the free time.
  2. Hey people, I have a few ideas for plugins. I'd like to start getting more involved in creating & releasing some resources for here and a few other communities but I'm not sure where to begin exactly. Does anyone have a dummies thread or page for creating IPB plugins? I've heard various things from different people about 'nulled' plugin creating, using IPB's database to create scripts outside of IPB, conflicting information about plugins etc. so its a little confusing. If it doesnt exist would anyone be able to create one, should help a lot of people besides me who want to start this. Thanks in advance.
  3. After years of pirating software, I finally found one company worth paying for because of what they provide and the company's profile; MalwareBytes. I strongly recommend them.
  4. I had a similar issue (same if I've understood). I had PHP 7.3 active instead of the older stable 5.6. When I installed any version of IPB above 4.x gave me the problem; clicking on any category or link took me back to the home page (index). I switched back to PHP 5.6 with default settings and it works perfectly now.
  5. Welcome to the community buddy. Hope you enjoy your stay here.
  6. Outside of being unsecure, it was just disadvantageous to use in general with so many flaws in various areas.
  7. There are some forums on 3.4 (my version is 3.4.8) where they post the image link within a page template like Imgur but it automatically grabs the image file. Just wanted to know how they do this. So for example instead of posting the full link https://i.imgur.com/KqQkX4A.gif you post https://imgur.com/a/JElDu and it shows up or can use the 'paste image' button to grab the image and place it. Does anyone have a plugin or know how to do this? EDIT: Afaik its called image embedding but so far all the plugins I've found aren't compatible or simply not working. Thanks in advance.
  8. Depending on how much ACP access they had this is possible. Afaik, through the theme area one could add potential exploits as well as towards the database section within ACP. I'd check the logs area in the ACP see where they went.
  9. I faced this same problem. I overcame it through a manual code in the theme custom.css but this will only work if you want all of your tags & prefixes to be capital much like the one in 3.4. Now I'm not sure what the exact class is for you but for me it was something like ipsBadge or ipsTag_prefix within the span tag and the code text-transform:uppercase!important; Because I couldn't find this within the theme I presume its handled via the plugin.
  10. Thats a nice list. Frameworks make everything easier nowadays. I was very interested in MVC structures so I dove into Laravel and I've so far loved it. I'm working on a small project for a friend's business with the Laravel framework - and much of the project is going very smoothly.
  11. I personally do the HTML, CSS, PHP etc. for web-related & Java for OOP. Looking to get into other languages once some projects stabilize. What about you?