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  1. :( it's a while ago i'm not visiting this community and now they are gwoing up :)

  2. Then why are you not buying a resources you need.
  3. Hii bro, nice to meet you... i Hope you can enjoy in this forum :)
  4. Hello, and welcome to webflake bro
  5. Thanks @Lady C, it worked on my forums :3
  6. Ok, my problem about forum lag now has been solved because ips doesn't support tsl(http)(*maybe*) and i just put ssl(https) and i got no errors or anything else XD BTW thanks for helping me for solving this proble @Cookie Monster, @titcrunch, and @WhatWentDown
  7. I've set all folder ips to 755, but doesn't change anything. And maybe u r right :\ i must contact my host. I've installed ips for 5 times, but i still got an unknown lag :\ and i know, i've set all ips folder and file to 755 but as i said before " Doesn't change anything" How ?. :3
  8. idk if i can restart my apache/nginx, cuz i'm using webhosting on interserver. And nothing found error on error log I sure, i've disabled cloudflare, but still getting error on chrome console + Lag.
  9. i did it, but still lag (even lag on ACP) I've disabled cloudflare and test it but doesn't change anything (i mean still lag).
  10. No, i'm not using the double catching but i still got an lag. Maybe because of this ?. If that error makes my forum slow, how to fix that ?, i still confused and i still figure it out how i can fix them :\ Yes i already looked into titcrunch solution but it din't help me and i dont know this is temporary issue or what, cuz i'm still confused right now :3
    Cannot open .zip files
  11. I too, but now my forum is very lag since i turn ON and purge everything in cloudflare
  12. Yep i using Cloudflare. But if i turn off cloudflare service, i still getting an lag and even more laggy (Sometimes ckeditor or button doesn't show up)
  13. Sorry if i bump to your topic, but i have a same problem here I tried to reconfigure all necessary settings but won't work and still lag until now. BTW i'm running IPS on PHP 7.x.x