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  1. the most unsafe one if hackers aquire that txt file you have an issue.
  2. just get a cheap vps with centos 7 and install cyberpanel.
  3. i am an ios lover i tried android so many times but i can not get used to the system.
  4. Windows defender/security essentials is fine. you could install malwarebytes next to it.
  5. are your rewrite rules correct installed?
  6. it works only if you don't set the redis mysql calculating thing.
  7. vbulletin failed because it stopped listening to it's costumers and fired all of their good forum support staff.
  8. They are very stable and sometimes they give you benefits like a gigabyte of ram more for free.
  9. i use undergroundprivate for years now
  10. i hope wf has the retail and null of 4.3.6 soon online.

    1. PsYcHo_RaGE


      thats great news, thanks :)

    2. Cookie Monster

      Cookie Monster

      I'm currently on holidasy back at 4th Oct will try get a nulled released by then :)

  11. try removing it and see if it works then