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  1. Lady C


    Stable is not out only beta 1 for now which we offer,
  2. i just use windows 10 default anti virus with free malware bytes. never had any issues and scan once in a while with hitman pro.
  3. Inactivity can be caused by not posting or not logging in for a period. Try being a bit more active to stay out of the inactive zone. For now just keep posting and the system will place you in active members group.
  4. since it was forumcore so a very very long time.
  5. Thanks for the welcome and being back on the team. Can’t wait to start working again and this time with @Jeffrey who i admire at his support skills.
  6. the most unsafe one if hackers aquire that txt file you have an issue.
  7. i am an ios lover i tried android so many times but i can not get used to the system.
  8. Windows defender/security essentials is fine. you could install malwarebytes next to it.
  9. it works only if you don't set the redis mysql calculating thing.
  10. vbulletin failed because it stopped listening to it's costumers and fired all of their good forum support staff.