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  1. Welcome @Mindless it was a pleasure to help you migrating, I love doing that for people.
  2. Thanks alot that means alot to me coming from you!
  3. Hey @mobbdeep, Welcome on Webflake. I hope you find whatever you need if not feel free to request stuff or ask for it in the request or help sections. Have fun!
  4. That looks really good love the color choices.
  5. Good update @Davlin
  6. Thank you all!
  7. Hey @Isabel, Welcome on Webflake
  8. Congratulations @Cookie Monster and @Saviour you both deserve it!
  9. Goodjob @Davlin
  10. Version


    The converter application for IPS
  11. The @Davlin null of IPS works very stable.

    1. Jrock


      Agreed. Deployed it on my site with no issues. Thanks bud!

  12. You could join jr. mod team and when support teams open you could ask to be transferred.
  13. Can you upload the latest version of Advanced Tags and Prefixes please, thank you!

    1. Lady C

      Lady C

      I don't have it sorry!

    2. Chevalier


      Darn! Alright, thanks for the reply!