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  1. They are very stable and sometimes they give you benefits like a gigabyte of ram more for free.
  2. i use undergroundprivate for years now
  3. i hope wf has the retail and null of 4.3.6 soon online.

    1. PsYcHo_RaGE


      thats great news, thanks :)

    2. Cookie Monster

      Cookie Monster

      I'm currently on holidasy back at 4th Oct will try get a nulled released by then :)

  4. try removing it and see if it works then
  5. are they using special characters in the title?
  6. invision responded on this on their own forum and told people not to worry when you run mariadb. this warning was a false warning
  7. Pm me your paypal. and if @0day also helps you @shadow.mask could share it on here if you want
  8. someone? i am willing to pay you.
  9. glad we could help you!
  10. you need to import innodb database via commandline it won't work with phpmyadmin.
  11. ip is indeed port number is 6379 no password needed on default install. also not set in my config i provided here.
  12. if he uses cpanel he can just use it as it is.