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  1. Forgotten ACP Login and Password

    did you add additional htaccess protection to your admin setup?
  2. Forgotten ACP Login and Password

    can you login to your mysql database with phpmyadmin if so you can see your username in core_members table
  3. Captcha on Login Form Error on POp UP login

    are you on a shared or vps host?
  4. Captcha on Login Form Error on POp UP login

    You could install cloudflare or another alternative to those kind of services!
  5. Cometchat

    Just use the docked code in the <head></head> section and it shows right under. the secondary code is to use it as a widget on other pages than your forum. On the right under! with only the head code (docked) <link type="text/css" href="/cometchat/cometchatcss.php" rel="stylesheet" charset="utf-8"> <script type="text/javascript" src="/cometchat/cometchatjs.php" charset="utf-8"></script> This is synergy code: <div id="cometchat_embed_synergy_container" style="width:300px;height:420px;max-width:100%;border:1px solid #CCCCCC;" ></div><script src="/cometchat/js.php?type=core&name=embedcode" type="text/javascript"></script><script>var iframeObj = {};iframeObj.module="synergy";"min-height:420px;min-width:300px;";iframeObj.width="300px";iframeObj.height="420px";iframeObj.src="/cometchat/cometchat_popout.php"; if(typeof(addEmbedIframe)=="function"){addEmbedIframe(iframeObj);}</script> if you combine both on one page neither is showing.
  6. Cometchat

    don't use the synergy one but the docked code! synergy code is if you want to integrate it as a widget! you don't need that! @Vuna if you need help i can do the install and integration for you.
  7. post restriction on certain forums

    you could make a newbie group and when they reached 5 approved posts on a certain forum they get upgraded to member.
  8. Error when quoting instagram posts

    5.5 doesn't run the 4.1 version you should ask your host for php upgrade!
  9. Upgrade to 4.x Latest

    How i did the upgrade Before doing the things i describe underneath make sure to backup the whole forum and database. Ths way you can always go back to how it was. on IPB 3.4.x Put forum in maintenance mode Remove all themes that are not the default Remove all plugins that are not invision Remove all apps that are not from invision Check if all upload paths are correct in your forum config Then I rebuild al my caches and removed orphaned and rebuild all attachments also I did topic and comment recounts You could finish up your tasks with putting your board into dev mode If your board is in dev mode you get red messages just complete those after finishing up that put board in normal mode Check everything once again before performing the next steps What to do in FTP or filemanager on cpanle/plesk or any other hosting panel Remove all directories where your forum is installed in but keep public uploads these are directories that contains your pip member ranks, badges for underneath admins or mods and it contains uploads for profile pictures or forum attachments. Remove all files in root of your installation but conf_global.php the installer needs this file to know your database configuration If you are using a favicon keep that also in the directory Also if you are using verification files for webmaster tools in your directory keep them also If you are using seo friendly urls keep the htaccess file also in the directory If you have done this all you can proceed uploading invision files and unpack them. Now lets install it will ask you how people need to login into your new forum it will ask you wat to do with friends on 3.4.x the installer will ask you to convert friends to folllowers because friends are now named followers in the new version let's install
  10. downgrade

    What is your database storage engine?
  11. ipb

    disable al plugins and themes before doing such a huge upgrade. also backup before proceeding.
  12. ipb

    did you remove all plugins and themes before upgrading? only invision power plugins and applications are upgradeable.
  13. ipb

    what is your php version?
  14. Cometchat Update

    this one should work with version and below because i'm using it on multiple configurations! Read on how to install this: