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  1. macpin


    Nice to meet you on line. I'm mackal.
  2. welcome, and have a nice weekend.
  3. [BIM]Chat 3.0.2 , Thank you for your kindness.
  4. Hello im having a problem i updated Invison board 4.2.4 everything went well and is working fine only problem im Chatting having is i cant see any default Emoji icons content or post this is what i cna't Seeing, It's view only text emoji that [true]... etc. help me.
  5. My vote is on YouTube, too.
  6. I afraid for DB backup and restore, ... but try now. thanks.
  7. thanks a lot. is useful and good.
  8. Hi there, and good people of WebFlake too. "-), What's means the in my admin system page's [settings] - [advanced] - USE CRON ? I don't understand cron. this site's resources is very useful, but I'm always downloaded. thank you very much members. ^^
    It's nice~ thank you. I'm upgrade successfully now.
  9. Thanks for your Hints & IPS knowledge~ ;-)