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  1. I believe @Onihad a plugin or app that he built for this - but not sure how active he is.
  2. I mean - honestly, not sure what to say. It should. Every ACP I have been in displays the Administrator option. The only thing I can think of is if you have customized your ACP and it broke the menu, or if you are not the owner of the forum you are on, or in an administrator group that has permissions to edit that. (As in - your user group has ACP restrictions for that menu item enabled).
  3. I'm just bumping this topic - I have uploaded a word document that gives a bit more explanation for what we want done. Obviously there is more detail to it, but this should lay out generally what we want. I have all or most of the database schema built or ready to be built (I can do that), and almost all of the adminCP controllers for adding the game entities is done. Development Project.docx
  4. Hello, I run an online forum-based Star Wars game that has been around since around 2005. Our game used to run on IPB 1.3 for the longest time, and we have upgraded to IPS 4.5 recently. Unfortunately, due to host PHP upgrades and things, the old board is no longer accessible. I am looking to have everything re-developed for IPS 4.5. I have all of the old game application files and mods available for reference on how things were coded, plenty of screenshots and "mock-ups" designed to assist in explaining the project, and am happy to discuss further details and explain the project over
  5. I figured the problem out. I had installed an SSL certificate, and so with the change from http to https, the forums were essentially all filled with broken links and attempting to open the old http URLs.
  6. Gave it a shot - it didn't do anything. Still does it in Opera, Edge, Firefox and in Chrome (my primary).
  7. I am in a position where I might decide to just go with a paid license from IPS. Yes its costly, but whatever. All our money situations are different. Anyway, I currently have a nulled software install of IPS If I purchase IPS, and then apply that license key to the software install that exists already, will I run into any issues? For instance, will they know I have installed a nulled copy and come after me or void out my key? Additionally - if it does work, are there very specific things I must do when applying it? Do I need to then re-install all the forum software as well, or j
  8. I noticed this issue arise yesterday. I have IPS, and the ACP menu will display twice, one where it is supposed to be, and a second time in-line with the page. It then causes links to not work and to make certain things not work when I click on them. Has anyone ever seen this or know what might be causing it? I have deactivated applications (I only have three) and that didn't seem to do anything to fix it.
  9. Thanks! I switched hosts, upgraded to PHP 7.3, and now good to go.
  10. Version 3.5.0


    Help fund and grow your forum with donations, setup goals and track member donations. Offer rewards for donations such as group upgrades and donor tags. Features: NEW Support for custom fields with donations. NEW UI tab and widget improvements and enhancements. Option to automatically demote a member back to his original member group x days after there donation. Option to mark goals as achieved and remove them from listing after they have reached 100% donations. Option to create goals that are continuous and have no set end date. RSS feeds for latest dona
  11. Sounds good - Yeah, I'm working with Oni on it- and while I've semi-successfully been able to verbalize and provide rudimentary MS paint "sketches" and mockups of the skin and visuals of how it works, being able to provide a working demo of the custom applications I am wanting made would be VERY helpful since I have all the files/code able to make it work on IPB 1.3 - the difficulty is finding a downloadable install of IPB 1.3 to get them loaded on to. Hahaha.
  12. That's my intent - I have a subdomain ready to install 1.3.1 on that will be blocked off to the public - and only myself and the developer will be able to view it. Then they can see the mods in action on the old forum software, and get an idea of the function to translate that over to IPS 4.5 on my main forum/site.
  13. I know this is a long shot - but if anyone has an IPB 1.3.1 install, that would be a HUGE deal for me. I am running on 4.5, but I have some custom mods for IPB 1.3.1 that I am working to get rebuilt for IPS 4.5, and wish to install and have a temporary display demo of these mods so the developer has a good idea of what they are and how the function. They're pretty complex, so just verbalizing it all is difficult to do.
  14. I get this error when attempting to update to IPS from 4.2 Is this potentially anything to do with my PHP version I am running on the site - my host only allows up to PHP 7.2, which is quite absurd since 7.3 is over two years old, but anyway - that's the only thing I can think of. However, from what I understood is IPS 4.5 recommends 7.2, but that it would still work on 7.2; maybe I'm wrong?