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  1. Hi. Is the license still for sale? If it is still for sale, please send me a private message with the price and conditions of sale. If I'm interested, we could reach a deal. Thanks and best regards
  2. Hi, I have uploaded version 1.1.10 to the download area. I'll link you if you're interested.
  3. Version 1.1.10


    Classifieds System is an application that enables your members to list items for sale/trade, monetizing your community. Requirement: Commerce: How does it work? Admin can enable TRANSACTIONS, which will allow members to buy items directly from another member via app and the advertiser receives the amount paid via account credit. If TRANSACTIONS is disabled, things has to be done manually: member needs to contact the advertiser in ways he wants (he chooses when posting the advert), make the deal, then the advertiser will set the advert as PENDING DEAL. After the payment/deal is done, advertiser sets the advert as COMPLETED. In both cases, if the advert is a SALES advert type BIDS (offers) are allowed if the admin enables the setting and if the advertiser also enables it when posting the advert. Notices: THIS IS NOT AN UPGRADE of the old app (for IP.Board 3.4), so if you used the old app you probably still have data from the old app in your database, take a read on manual.pdf (page 2) in the zip file or request support before you install this app. Each purchase entitles you to use Classifieds System on one Community installation. For IPB 4.2.x use 1.1.8 For IPB 4.3.x use 1.1.9+ Features: Unlimited categories of adverts, plus unlimited depth of parent-child relationships with a lot of settings Per-category permissions to show category, view adverts, submit adverts, ask questions and review adverts Category Icons Ability to choose the order and which blocks to display on the app index: Expiring Soon, What's New and Categories block Support Extra Fields so you can define different fields per category Integrates to Commerce, so you can choose a specific payment gateway, tax, fee and comission and use multi-currencies. Ability to force users to fill the price in currencies Adverts Management on ACP: a place where admins can control status of adverts: expire, complete, set as active, change expiration date, etc. Advert History (advert view): works like the Moderation History, but will log all actions related to the advert itself, like who changed the expiration date, who set the advert as complete, etc. Ability to post external advert link: you can link an advert posted in other sites, like eBay, etc. Ability to hide adverts when expired and/or completed from category view Ability to switch between currencies with a click to display advert prices Ability do add a default address for new adverts in Account Settings. Ability to add multiple packages and charge for your listings at varying price points to suit your users. Listing packages allow you to choose whether or not specific member groups should need to pay to advertise and also whether adverts will be billed according to the value of the item being sold Central area where advertiser can view all expired adverts and renew them at anytime, if the package allows renewal Users can make offers (bid) to the adverts, if the advertiser allows Advertiser can reject offers Admin can enable transactions, which means that a user can buy something from another member directly, monetizing the site with fee/comission Per member settings: allows to access the app and allows to submit adverts Per group settings: allows to access the app, how many approvwd content items must have to access the app and mpderate first X free adverts from users of the group. That will make moderator's life easier Integrates into IPS4 Moderating system, which all commons permissions, such as pin, unpin, delete, feature, move, etc. Advert Images settings: require image, max number of images per advert, max image filezie and max image dimensions Robust Admin Restrictions Ability to take specific actions when a member is deleted or flagged as a spammer Ability to give account credit to new members Ability to set the minimum/maximum title length and description length Ability to remove the upload of attachments in the advert description editor Submit questions and reviews to advert. Admin can choose if new questions or reviews are moderated, per category. Advertiser can reply to the questions Ability for users to report potentially offensive content using the built-in Report Center Search integration: search adverts along with the rest of your community’s content Supports item marking, allowing your users to see what adverts have been added or commented/reviewed on Integrates into Activity Streams Integrates to Share Links to share Integrates to Google Maps if and address is provided in the link submission (IPS 4.1.13+: Google Map APIs now requires an API key. Go to AdminCP -> System -> Community Enhancements to enable Google Maps support) Integration to IPS4 Announcements Integration to Member Filters (Bulk Mail, etc.) Integration to IPS4 Advertisements Supports the built-in tagging system including prefixes Support for notifications such as new adverts and questions comments on adverts Ability to follow/like categories and individual adverts Ability to add adverts to a wish list Drag & drop reordering of categories, advert types, items conditions and packages in the ACP. Ability to create RSS feeds of all adverts Integration with ACP Live Seach (categories, advert types, items conditions and packages) Friendly URLs for adverts and categories Matrix permission on Groups (editing a group) Reactions support (IPS 4.2) Clubs support (IPS 4.2) Content Message and Promote features (IPS 4.2) Embedded content (IPS 4.2) Recommended Questions (IPS 4.2) Added REACTIONS to the questions (IPS 4.2) Member Store (IPS 4.2) Activity stream support (IPS 4.2) Change advert type once posted Featured and Pinned Blocks for General > Settings > Views Advert posting restriction Disable EDIT feature in completed adverts Dates on expired ads Default option for user Integration to Gallery More. Support and Online Tests: Preferably, submit a report to the official Bug Tracker for this app: Account to test the app: if you want to test it online, drop me a private message and I'll set-up a temporary account. Forthcoming versions: Shipment feature Feedback system APP will be improved based on feedback and suggestions (that will be pondered by me due to technical reasons) More info:

  4. I have tried to do everything that you have indicated to me and I have solved it with the indication of Birdman. By mistake I had translated the key menutab_name of the application_icon. When the translation has been deleted, the icon has appeared. Thanks very much both for your help. A cordial greeting.
  5. Hi, After translating an application that I installed, the application icon in the AdminCP menu has disappeared. Can someone help me solve the problem that prevents the menu icon from being displayed? Thanks and best regards
  6. I am willing to share half the purchase of the application. If someone living in Europe, to avoid having to pay expenses in Paypal, you have access to the Invision markt and can buy the application, I am willing to take half of the expenses.
  7. You are right. It was as simple as following your instructions. I had not seen that new option in the group management menu. I thank you very much for your help and instructions. A cordial greeting.
  8. I have activated and configured the paid clubs option but, in the creation screen of the clubs, I do not see the corresponding option, for the club to be paid. I can only create free clubs as before. Can someone tell me if I have to activate something else so that the payment clubs work? Thanks and best regards
  9. Does anyone have this version to share it?
  10. I am interested in acquiring this application, but I do not have access to the Invision market. If someone could do me the favor of buying it for me, I would be very grateful and I could share it with him. Thanks
  11. Yes, that is true. But I guess all of us who gather here are in the same situation, obviously.
  12. I understand, then I think we are condemned to remain illegal ... Thanks for your help, I thank you
  13. Thanks for your help. If I understand correctly, I can not have a single shared installation. It has to be legal or nulled, is that right? It also occurs to me that maybe, a solution would be to buy the license and have it reserved in case some day there is a problem. And meanwhile keep working with a Nulled installation, would this be a problem? Could I have access to plugins of the Invisión community market? If I buy a plugin of those, could I install it in my nulled version or would I have to modify them to work in my installation? Note: I am referring, of course, to a self-hosted license Thanks for your help and greetings Sorry for my bad english
  14. Is there nobody who can share this application? I would not mind sharing the price of the application with those who already bought it. regards