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  1. Thanks. In the core_plugins table I can not find the translation. Can you indicate, please, which table should I export?
  2. If you can explain how it is done, I would be very grateful. Regards.
  3. Would it be possible to get this application? Thanks and best regards
  4. Version 1.0.3


    This plugin will set a cover photo if the user doesn't have one.

  5. Hi. It is already possible to preserve the translations of the applications by downloading the language file, or by means of a plugin that allows exporting the translations of the applications, but not finding a way to export the translations of the plugins. I need to know if there is any way to export the translations of the plugins. I have several translated plugins and I would like to keep the translations for use in another project it's possible? How can this be done?
  6. Version 1.0


    Complete Spanish translation of the Invision Community Suite Español: Este paquete contiene la traducción completa al 100% de la Suite Invision Community. Traducción al español de las aplicaciones incluidas en la versión 4.3.x de Invisión Community: Sistema (Incluída la administración completa) Blog Calendario Comercio Convertidor Descargas Foros Galería Páginas El paquete contiene dos archivos .zip cuyo nombre y contenido es el siguiente: "Español (Hispano)-Toda la suite en 1" - Traducción completa de toda la Suite Invision en un solo archivo de idioma. "Español (Hispano) - En 9 archivos de sistema y" - Traducción completa de toda la Suite Invision, dividida en los archivos correspondientes a cada aplicación oficial de la Suite (para aquellas personas que no tengan instaladas todas las aplicaciones). Nota: Algunas frases han sido traducidas empleando el traductor automático de Google Translator, por lo que es posible que presenten pequeños errores gramaticales que espero poder corregir en futuras versiones. ******* English: This package contains the complete translation to 100% of the Invision Community Suite. Translation into Spanish of the applications included in version 4.3.x of Invisión Community: System core (including full administration) Blog Calendar Commerce Converter Downloads Forums Gallery Pages The package contains two .zip files whose name and content is as follows: "Español (Hispano)-Toda la suite en 1" - Complete translation of the entire Invision Suite in a single language .xml file. "Español (Hispano) - En 9 archivos de sistema y" - Complete translation of the entire Invision Suite, divided into the files corresponding to each official application of the Suite (for those people who do not have all the applications installed). Note: Some phrases have been translated using the automatic translator of Google Translator, so it is possible that they present small grammatical errors that I hope to correct in future versions.

  7. Thank you for staying there, keeping the free software policy.
  8. Version 3.0.0

    46 downloads With this app you can allow your members invite other members. Features: enable/disable system, select allowed groups to use this mod, three invite types: free -> user may or may not enter inviter name; force -> user must enter inviter name; invite only: user must be referred by invite form (with hashed keycode), list of all invited users, list of all invited users in ACP with filter options, invites by referral link, points system integration (any system!), promotion to the new group after reaching specific amount of referred users, ability to enable/disable member powers to raising people via ACP, info in member profiles about referrer, ability to add/edit/remove referred transactions, ability to turn off the "Referrer Information" block in profiles, ability to award referrer if his referrred member made topic/post, invite form, option to enable/disable custom invite message, option to disable invites from the same IP and much more, resend option to resend sent invites, option to approve transaction only if referrer add more than X defined posts. Note: it's a first release of this app for a 4.x series. it's a lifetime purchase! Once time buy = lifetime updates (for a 4.x serie).

  9. Some questions: The license has support? what version is it? With that license do you have access to the invision market, with the possibility of downloading files? How much do you ask for the license? a greeting
  10. someone wants to share the purchase of this plugin? I do not have access to the webmarket yet
  11. Hi all, I'm looking to getting Pages SuperBlocks 1.0.2 , Pages SuperTopics 1.0.0 and Pages SuperList 1.1.0. Does anyone have this resources already? If not, who would be willing to buy some and share the cost ? I'm not able to downloading from IPB Marketplace. I'm also interested in Pages Superquote 1.1 but before I would like to get the other templates. Thanks and cordial greeting