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  1. Did you check this problem it's same problem on my forum. @Cookie Monster
  2. how do I locate the location on the forum? I did this all I just do not know how to put it on the forum and where to put it in? I guess you understand @Cookie Monster
  3. Ty,but i help me alone Moderators can lock
  4. Hi, I need help with editing the theme (IPS_Behemoth_Theme). I need to edit / delete this (image down)> I searched but I could not find where he was, if anyone knows please help me
  5. I answered my question! This is code> <a href="samp://IP:PORT"> <I> CLICK <i> </a> It's checked and works! Please lock this topic
  6. I'm sure it's possible. And when you click on a link, it asks you if you want to play or add IP to your favorites.
  7. Yes.. But I'm sure it's possible.