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  1. Help with Veizor theme

    Hi, Currently, editam Veizor topic and I have some problem, Something white appears and I do not know how to fix it. pictures down ... https://imgur.com/a/1NELv Help me
  2. Help with editing copyright

    Ty,but i help me alone Moderators can lock
  3. Anyone https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8680-vn42-fline/ ???
  4. Hi, I need help with editing the theme (IPS_Behemoth_Theme). I need to edit / delete this (image down)> I searched but I could not find where he was, if anyone knows please help me
  5. Help with Installing the Forum!

    Not work :/
  6. Hello, I want to install Forum on VPS (Virtual Private Server) I uploaded the 4.2 version to my VPS. What is the next step? Next I need to do? I'm a newcomer to the forum installation and the internet host
  7. Hello, I need an Adblock Detector like this forum (webflake)! Can someone send me that plugin / application?
  8. Hello, I just edit the topic for my forum. The theme I edit is Play-Arena V2.0! Is there a newer published version of this theme? If there is a newer posted this topic, please send me a link .. I also have another question .. How to replace the Logo that is in the middle! This logo> If someone has already edited this topic if he can write me where this logo is? Or how did he change him? Ty:)
  9. Open SA:MP from link

    I answered my question! This is code> <a href="samp://IP:PORT"> <I> CLICK <i> </a> It's checked and works! Please lock this topic
  10. Open SA:MP from link

    I'm sure it's possible. And when you click on a link, it asks you if you want to play or add IP to your favorites.
  11. Open SA:MP from link

    Yes.. But I'm sure it's possible.
  12. I need help! I need someone who will create a link that will open the San Andreas Multiplayer application, and in some way connect to the IP from my server! I would be grateful if someone sent me this code! #BadEnglish
  13. Help with Group Name Effects!

    Yea you can lock!
  14. Help with Group Name Effects!

    Ty i did it Rep + man