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  1. Ty It does not work, but thank you for taking the time for me <3 REP +
  2. Thank you! Rep + But I want to click on the button to immediately open the link! And do not print a dot by clicking on it to open the link! If possible, can you send me the HTML code that will open the link when I click the button??
  3. *I'm weak with English, but I hope you understand me! Hello i need help I need help with toolbars! I want to add a button to the toolbars that will open the link in the new tab, but I do not know how to do it! When I click on the Add Button, I need the HTML code that will open the link I want in the new tab! And I ask you to help me with this HTML code If you do not understand me, look at the pictures and make it clearer TY <3