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  1. Just saying every time I've used the donations application I get the first error regardless (the one with "error: class etc") then when I try this "fix" it gives me the other error and I figured I'd try it since I don't have much on my website right now. I would believe he's talking about the donations application I think he is which would be this one since I was able to find the bit of code he said to replace but I could be wrong.
  2. Hmm ok like from transferring the files or something else
  3. Version of what @Cookie Monster php or? If php I had like 5.6.30 or whatever from old webhost
  4. Thank you @Cookie Monster currently @Captain America is looking into it with the logins I gave him.
  5. I'll take a look at that once captain America takes a look and if he's not able to fix the problem as I gave him access to stuff
  6. Nah every page I try to access gives me the same error and the only error I get in the error log file is the one I posted in the first post
  7. Yes I had to change the php version before I ever started the upload as it was at like 5.2 or 5.3 so I changed it to 5.6. I did a full backup of the forums and website, never saw it fail.
  8. Well I manually had to transfer everything and I made sure it all transferred successfully and @Captain America everything does match my db details. Edit: I even changed my table names which took forever as I had to manually go through each one to rename them.
  9. As the title says I am getting the 500 error and it's after I took a very long time (7+ hours due to crap internet) to transfer website files from one webhost from to another. @Cookie Monster @Captain America since you guys are pros at fixing any problems I have had. You can send me a PM for login info if you want.
  10. Well it's as cookie monster says, it is with the theme missing the icon files which in reality is an easy but tricky fix at the same time. Only way would be to get someone who can rip themes properly or get someone to null the theme from a legitimate purchase.
  11. @Baba Bas read the quote that john has posted as it gives you the answer you need for it, you just need to follow the guide step by step thoroughly.
  12. It would help if we had the chat box you're using along with the version. Also to upgrade the forums version you are using for your website would to be to download a newer version of the forum software (I would advise for right now as I'm not sure of what the 4.2 version on here is although I believe it is a beta, don't quote me though) then upload the files to your ftp then visit the acp on your website and initiate the upgrade option instead of going to the actual acp. Another thing to know is what theme you are using as I have a bit of experience with certain themes breaking css on the website and making certain features such as chat box and other plugins to not work properly if at all.
  13. It's an unfortunate event but take a look through every theme as you might find a better theme actually. I was using a theme I really liked called but so much was messed up with the css and I finally just gave up and searched through every theme and eventually found a better one. Only two options would be to just continue using the theme and have the issue with the ckeditor and whatever else has css messed up or find a different theme. A third option would be to find someone who could do a "perfect" rip (meaning everything works like it should, or if they would purchase the theme then null it.
  14. Update: I figured it out it was needing to search for string type. This can be closed now @Captain America @Cookie Monster @Jrock @Saviour
  15. I'm an attack helicopter!