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  1. i dont know but i went to this and thats the only thing that it coming up in the search Crackinghits com or no
  2. you have so many redirects to different part of ya forums like when you go to admin it takes you to search or is that how you have it setup also when you go to diffrent section of your forums hit take you to different website your website is un safe to look at this is what imgetting on my end i tested my ip many times to see if it was on my end and its not
  3. you cant remove that if you have ya forums closed i think you have turn the community on for that 2 go way
  4. that i cant help with you members are going to do it but what you can do is make some of your forum private where you need a password to see the topic and for those who register you can let them post to sertin forms in till they reach a level that you set it will keep them coming back so what ever there leeching from your forums make it private so when they have this amount of z than you can give theme more privilege to your community
  5. like what you mean that ppl still leeching are you talking about members or guest so i know what apps you need try something like this number-of-topics-per-forum
  6. you can do this in the group setting and under members look for Posting Limits Max items of content (posts, comments, etc.) change the settings 2 ya liking
  7. what php version are you using change it to 7 2 or 73 and disable mod security and than try it again see if that helps
  8. i have the addon just found it so ill share it
  9. so it working for you now so we can close this topic
  10. as of today koby brain a great all time basketball has past from a crash today tmz reports koby watch on facbook live
  11. if that dont work you can re upload ips and over write your files you wont lose anything just dont upload config file that should fix your issues it look like that is doing the same thing in addmin cp
  12. that look like your theme is not working change ya theme see if that fix
  13. Version 2.1.2


    Modern Gamer was built with customization in mind. Using the included settings, you can change the theme to fit any color, game theme and more to make your community feel right at home. Unlike some themes, Modern Gamer isn’t locked down to what you see in the screenshots. While Modern Gamer by default comes in its Classic Green, you can use Xenforo’s Color Palette feature to use any color imaginable! What’s more, you can take full advantage of the comprehensive style settings to change other features as well. Looking for a Call of Duty template? Add an amazing full-screen wallpaper, add custom node image banners, and change your color palette. Looking for a full-screen MOBA game portal? Set your theme to full-width mode in one click, and edit all the style settings as needed! You can create a theme for any game or genre — from the latest FPS, sports game, MOBA, RTS and more. Modern Gamer gives you the tools — you use your imagination. https://xenforo.com/community/resources/modern-gamer-xf2-10-presets.6545 Demo: https://demo.nulumia.com/xf2/misc/style?style_id=23

  14. forse se potessi dividere il conto con qualcuno di quello che vedrei se non di te avresti solo 2 Aspetta che qualcuno lo ottenga!
  15. maybe if you could split the bill with someone than i would see if not than ya just going to have 2 Waite intill someone get it!
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