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  2. really did not have to do that but its ok for some that dont now how i just put on 2 and it works
  3. you can make a folder in your public call the folder image and upload it there and it would look like this <img src="https://www.yoursite/Image/lulz.gif"><span style='font-weight:bold;color:red'> fixed
  4. you have it all rung try add this because you are missing " <img src='""'><span style='font-weight:bold;color:red'>
  5. you are asking for help we are trying to help you but you seem to get angry when someone tell you how if that is how you will act than you need 2 do your forums on your own i am done trying to look around and help you
  6. your ips should have topic feed by defult its on the left side of your homepage block feed
  7. works great but is there any way to add an image to the one side be for it flips
  8. you can download this and change your admin backround spacious-acp
  9. did you disable mod security on your webserver that could cause issues to
    not working at all test it on different themes and no luck
  10. here is a little code for you add a spiderweb to your forums i had add the Halloween colors you can change it its not an ips tutorial thats why its here html <hr class="spider-web"> <center><h1 class="after-web--heading"><p><span style='color: #F75F1C; background: url(); font-weight: bold;'>Happy Halloween !</span></h1></center> <center><p><span style='color: #F75F1C; background: url(); font-weight: bold;'>Boo Trick Or Treat!</span></p></center> <center><p><span style='color: #F75F1C; background: url(); font-weight: bold;'>Give Me Some Candy!</span></p></center> <hr class="spider-web"> here is the css .spider-web { position: relative; margin-bottom: 3.125em; margin-top: 1em; border: 0; border-bottom: 2px solid #F75F1C; } .spider-web::after { content: ''; display: block; position: absolute; top: 0; height: 2.5em; width: 100%; background: url('data:image/svg+xml;charset=UTF8,<svg xmlns="" width="66.2" height="47.5"><path d="M1.5 0H0l.2.4c2.6 5.4 3.4 10.7 2.5 16.7l-.1.4-.3.2-1.9 1.1c-.2.1-.3.2-.3.4s0 .4.1.5c. 0 .2 0 .3-.1l2-1.2.2-.1.3.1c6 1.3 8.3 6 10.7 11l. 9.1c-.2.3-. 0 .5 0 .2 0 .4-.1.6-.3l5.8-9.3.2-.3.3-.1c1.9-.4 3.9-.6 5.9-.6 6.4 0 12.6 1.9 17.3 3.6l. 47c. 10.3-10.9 18-12.3l.3-.1.3.2 4.1 3.4c. 0 .4-.1.5-.2.1-.1.2-.3.2-.5s-.1-.3-.2-.5L61.2 21l-.2-.2v-.3c-.5-6.7-.5-14.4 4.8-19.7l.2-.2h-1.9M49.6.8l.3-.4h7l-.8 1.2c-1.8 2.8-2.7 6.3-2.6 11.3v1.6l-1.3-1.1-4.8-4.1-.3-.2v-.3c0-2.5.2-5.7 2.5-8 0 .1 0 .1 0 0zM38.7.3l8 .1H48l-.7 1.1c-.8 1.3-1.3 3-1.4 5L45.8 8l-1.1-.9-6.5-5.4L36.6.4l2.1-.1zm-1.4 2.3L44.9 9l1.1.9-1.4.4c-2.2.6-4 1.7-5.6 3.4l-1 1.1-.2-1.5-1.7-10-.3-2 1.5 1.3zM21.8 21.7l3.2-5.2.2-.3.3-.1c1-.2 1.9-.3 2.8-.3 2.4 0 5 .5 8.4 1.7l. 5.7.2 1.2-1.2-.4c-4.3-1.4-8.1-2.1-11.5-2.1-.9 0-1.9.1-3.1.2L21 23l.8-1.3zm-1-.8l-.7 1.1-.6-1.1c-1.9-3.2-4-5.2-6.8-6.3l-1.4-.6 1.3-.8 5-2.9.3-.2.3.1h.1c2.8.5 4.2 2.3 5.6 4.8l.2.4-.2.4-3.1 5.1zM34.4 1.5l.3 2 2 11.5.2 1.2-1.2-.4c-2.8-.9-5.2-1.3-7.4-1.3h-.7l- 6.4-10.2 1.1-1.7zm-3.2 2.6l-5.6 9-.6 1-.6-1c-1-1.6-2.1-2.6-3.4-3.3l-1.2-.6 1.2-.7 9.3-5.4 2.6-1.5-1.7 2.5zM18.9.2l10.7.1h2.7L30 1.7l-9.5 5.5-1.1.6V6.5c0-1.8-.4-3.6-1.1-5.3l-.4-1h1zM10 .1h6.3l.2.4c1.3 2.4 1.8 5 1.5 7.7v.4l-.3.2-5.3 3.1- 1L1.5 0h5.8l.2.4c2 4 2.7 8.1 2.1 12.6v.4l-.3.2-3.8 2.2- 28l-.6-1.2c-2-4.1-4.1-7.9-8.5-9.8l-1.4-.6 1.3-.8 2.8-1.6.3-.1.3.1c.1 0 .1 0 .1.1 4.9.9 7.2 4.2 9.1 7.7l.2.4-.2.4-2.7 4.3-.7 1.1zm22.7 3.2c-4-1.4-10-3.2-16.2-3.2-1.2 0-2.4.1-3.7.2l- 2.1-3.3.2-.3h.5c1.7-.4 3.4-.6 5.1-.6 3.7 0 7.6.8 12.5 2.5l. 4.4.2 1.2-1.2-.3zm1.3-7.5l-.3-1.7-1-6.2-.1-.3.2-.3c2.1-3 4.8-4.7 8.2-5.2h.2l.4-.2.3.3 4 3.4 1.1.9-1.3.5c-4.2 1.2-7.8 3.7-10.6 7.5l-1.1 1.3zm17.2-4.1c-6.1 1.6-11.2 4.9-15 9.9l-1 1.4-.3-1.7-.5-3.1-.1-.3.2-.3c3.3-5.6 7.7-8.8 13.5-9.8l.3-.1.3.2 2.9 2.4 1.1.9-1.4.5zM62.6.5h1.5l-.9 1.2c-3.6 4.9-3.9 11.2-3.7 16.2l.1 1.7-1.3-1.1-3-2.6-.3-.2v-.3C54.6 10 54.8 4.5 58.6.7l.2-.2h.3m-.3 0h-1.9m-7-.1h-1.8M36.7.3h-4.3M17.8.2h-1.6M8.8.1H7.3"/></svg>') no-repeat 10px; } .spider-web:nth-of-type(odd)::after { background-position: right 10px top; }
  11. i use this its better then any iv had used i use the free for now but you can get the hack version if you use a turent software Malwarebytes
  12. mr-pimpen


    $5000 and you will get the full website with anything you want plus i will add ips for free and all the hooks plus you will get the full training and ill will make sure you are index all over the world with new members ps anyone else want to add this is funny!
  13. the question is 1 do you have members 2 have you installed a fresh copy 3 did you back up your forums with your members 4 did you set up your file and folders like theme if so that would be your issue when creating a folder get bad transfer if you can do a fresh install wih no members than i would go with that if it still remains the same than its your server something is not correct on sever side