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  1. welcome to webflake you really did not have to put all that a simple hello and where ya from
  2. this is very usefull when you have members that dont read the rules
  3. first try to change ya theme see if it still doing it.....than i would check to see if its a coding issue find out what you did last on the them you are using!
  4. i was going to upload it for you but seem you are a little upset for me asking so wate for someone else to share
  5. what version of ips are you using so you can get the right answer
  6. Version 1.0.0


    XenForo Resource Manager is an official add-on for XenForo 2 that allows you to manage resources such as files, instructions, etc. The resource manager allows you to add and update resources very quickly and conveniently. It is also possible to sell resources by providing a link to the sale page. You can specify an alternative URL for downloading the resource. It is possible to automatically create topics for discussion resources. Resource manager is fully integrated into XenForo, including fine-tuning of rights for certain user groups, likes, alerts, search, spam cleaning, statistics and much more.
  7. now i dnt think there is such a plugin for ips you can try and look around at invasion power board website see if they have one
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Really Simple SSL Pro automatically detects your settings and configures your site to work over https. To keep it lightweight, the parameters are kept to a minimum. The entire site will switch to SSL. SSL certificate for a website, what is it and why is it needed? Perhaps you noticed when you follow the links in your browser (program for accessing the Internet) that some sites look like: http://domen.ru, and some https://domen.ru? The first is responsible for transmitting data to the user over an unprotected channel, the second - just the opposite - the information goes over a secure channel and is encrypted.
  9. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Customize and simplify your WordPress dashboard. Info Remove Third Party Widgets Remove widgets that third party plugins add to your dashboard. PRO Widgets Add video and contact form widgets to your dashboard with Ultimate Dashboard PRO. Advanced Login Customizer Choose from different layouts and customize every detail of your WordPress login page. User Role Limit widgets to specific user roles, or even only to specific users. Multisite Support Ultimate Dashboard PRO is fully compatible with WordPress multisite. Page Builder support Replace your entire WordPress dashboard with your saved Elementor or Beaver Builder layout, or use it in conjunction with our Ultimate Dashboard widgets. White Label WordPress Fully label your WordPress admin area and apply your own brand.
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Compatible XF Versions 2.0 2.1 2.2 Additional Requirements php 5.6+ A Collection of improvements to XF's warning system This add-on expects all users able to issue warnings to be a member of the default Registered User's group. If this is not the case, you will not have permission to issue warnings until you: Add every into the Registered Users group or Adjust the permissions in each Warning Category. Warning; All user group titles will be visible if they are applied in a Warning Action Warnings/Bans with time-based expiry are now be removed on the 1st visit after the expiry time, rather than needing to wait for the hourly cron task to run. Sortable warnings with categories Drag & drop Permissions per category Per-category warning actions, allowing warning actions to be only triggered from points in that category Updated front-end using smart select menu, or radio boxes User Criteria for warning points Allow users to view their own warnings, and find which posts where warned. Option to send an alert to a user when they receive a warning. Allows the Custom Warning to be customized like other warnings Copy Warning title/text automatically to the public warning action field. Allow non-custom Warnings to have their Titles edited, opt-in Use XenForo's AJAX handling on errors instead of breaking the current form. Optional ability to "unsticky" the Warn button on the warning dialog Allow the default content action to be set Control defaults for user notification Alerts Lock PMs by default Send warning conversations by default Allow invite into warning conversations by default Option to require a note when entering a warning and enforce a minimum length Ability to see warning actions applied to an account from the front-end users may see warning actions agains thier account automatically roll-up identical warning actions to show the latest expiry per-group moderator permissions for editing/viewing all/disable summarization. Additional conversation substitution replaceable for the warning conversation on submit. {points} {warning_title} {warning_link} Option to force new conversation email to be sent on a warning conversation. Will send even if they are banned! Always sends full conversation text. This can ignore conversation privacy options. Automatically extend default warning expires based on warning point total thresholds. Not accumulative, only the last matching threshold applies Anonymise warnings and warning alerts as a particular user or as a generic 'Moderation Staff' (WarningStaff phrase). Affects Alerts and Warnings. Does NOT change conversations. Round up warning expiry time to the nearest hour to avoid confusion over delays caused by XenForo task system's hourly schedule. Option to log a warning summary to a thread. Phrase: Warning_Summary_Message, can use BBCode New Warning Action actions triggered for the last valid warning action: Post a new thread. Phrases Warning_Thread_Message & Warning_Thread_Title, can use BBCode. Reply to an existing thread. Phrases Warning_Thread_Message, can use BBCode. New Permission to control if a user can see who warnedthem. View Warning Issuer. New moderator permissions for viewing warning actions. View Warning Actions Edit Warning Actions Don't Summarize Warning Actions Respects the "View Warning Details" permission for allowing a given user group to view warning details on everyone. Giving "View Warning Details" allows users to view the 'private' warning note, and allows them to see who issued the warning! Fully Phrased.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    this will only work on updated xenforo Compatible XF Versions 2.2 [Andrew] Moderator Panel provides moderators enhanced visibility into user behavior and additional moderator features. The thought is that by providing better visibility to warnings, reports, thread bans, and ignores, moderators will be able to identify problem users faster and will rely less in impulse when making decisions on users. All features are permission controlled and can be enabled or disabled. Features: User file, similar to a criminal profile, this displays key metrics about an user all in one place. The user file can be accessed by either selecting user file from the member card dropdown or by searching for the user in the moderator panel. The follow is displayed within the user file: Current ban Warnings Reports Thread bans Ignored by IP Addresses Change log Require moderators to have "ban protected users" permission to ban users in a protected usergroup This can be used to prevent moderators from banning users that more senior staff should be involved in banning Can be enabled or disabled Require moderators to enter a reason for banning an user This benefits site staff who may not understand why an user was banned Can be enabled or disabled User data (reporting) Banned users Thread ban list Recently registered users Most warned users Most reported users Most ignored users Logs Moderator log - same from admin panel User change log - same from admin panel User name change log - same from admin panel Reports and Approval queue will display the moderator sidebar Admin Options: Add link to moderator panel Adds links to the moderator menu Enable protected users Protected usergroup Require reason to ban Permissions: View moderator panel View IP addresses Ban protected users Search users View banned users list View thread bans View recently registered users View warned users View reported users View ignored users View moderator log View change log View user name change log
  12. that depends on what you are using some of them mite come up out of date and throw your themes off!!! i would disable all of your plugins and than update your ip then enable one at a time
  13. do you this file in your server side .htaccess and do you have your Search Engine Optimization Rewrite URLs? on
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