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  1. are your php set up right check to see what php your using
  2. you can try this one <span style="font-weight: bold; background: linear-gradient(45deg, green, orange); -webkit-background-clip: text; -webkit-text-fill-color: transparent;"> just change the color to what you want
  3. i be leave you will need to change from nulled with the license key and than upload the files to your server im not shore
  4. have you looked in the ips tutorials there is a moving logo in there
  5. try this on your server public-html uploads look for set_resources_0 ext, 1234 look for a file that would look like this 6d538d11ecfced46f459ee300b5e80ec_ta-library-1.0.6.js search for the author with in the file
  6. you can do it like this or the link from webflake-- upload what you want to your sever and the url to upload <img src="https://www.yoururl/Images/anything here"><span style='font-weight:bold;color:red'> groups
  7. try to disable your mod- security and try again see if that would work
  8. I need to buy with license because is for a organization non profit so it wil need to prove what you have and from where you have this etc etc i did answer it with my opinion?
  9. than i would tell you to get the ips forums from invasion power board if you plan on buying the license it would be a wast of time to download it from webflake and use it on your sever ! witch you will only lose all the custom work you had put in to it! the one we use is nulled and you will have to use that at your own Risk! if you down load it from here than you would have the full version of ips...and from invasion power board you only get the forums witch what you want would cost you more money than the null version
  10. just want to add this website for those that run website on a hosting! i found this doing some research and this could be help full to all members who might think they have some kind of Exploits in there database
  11. i dont think anyone will give you that answer
  12. remove the button "add image from url" "insert other media" in the editor above "Add reply" [id^="elEditorAttach_media"] { display: none !important; }
  13. what version of xenforo are u using is the theme out of date! did you change to https
  14. is this for the form or for the topic its self! you could use the color in the forums section where you made it or you can find the tutorials with css
  15. can u show an image so some one can understand what you are trying to do!
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