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  1. any one having the same issue i download a copy of cookie monsters ip 4.2 the twitter login do not work this need to be fix i have not test the facebook yet but i dont think there will be an issue with that as i can see the face book folder there
  2. yea i try all the basic ways you can do but cant get that to work so ill check out the website u supplied thanks
  3. how do you how do you get this to animate with your own icons i would like to change it to mine <i class="fa fa-check-square" aria-hidden="true"></i>
  4. ok ill try that
  5. I want to disable the avatar shadow. I just tried this code; .ipsUserPhoto:after, .ipsUserPhoto img { border-radius: inherit; box-shadow: none!important } It's working for the border-radius but not for the box-shadow. What is wrong?
  6. <a data-action="defaultStream" class='ipsType_light {{if ! $defaultStream}}ipsHide{{endif}}' href='{{if $defaultStream}}{$defaultStream->url()}{{endif}}'><i class="fa fa-star-o" aria-hidden="true"></i> <span>{{if $defaultStream}}{$defaultStream->_title}{{endif}}</span></a> this will remove it from the footer
  7. you all so might have to remove it from the menu try that if not than i will have to get you an answer on ipb
  8. oh know its not for me she wanted to know how to remove the unread content if the footer
  9. how would i do this can u post the css codes if you can
  10. what the same and what css codes do u use for the unread stuff
  11. thats the only way that i no of i am uising the paid version
  12. look in your bread crumb it should be there i beleave
  13. and look around the breadcrums of your theme to remove the unread
  14. Applications you can only disable the All Activity from in the setting or just give your self permission
  15. are you using the null version if so i think thats why the spam service is really not going to do anything try and add the Two Factor Authentication see if that works do you know if they are getting in threw Allow anonymous logins if so disabled that