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  1. add more links to your navbar with out going to the menue go to nabar in your them and add it under <li class='ipsHide' id='elNavigationMore' data-role='navMore'> add <li><a href="LINKHERE">LINK NAME</a></li>
  2. Tap targets are small Guideline states: 'Design your site for all device types and sizes, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.' how do i make this bigger
  3. you will soon when updating the forums ipb just give it a little time and you will see issues
  4. ok yea ya write i for got to add a forum after to fix that issue can close
  5. any one know why this is happening i did a fresh install when i add the sub-forum this is the issue im having the topic is out side the first forum i check every thing can find the way to fix
  6. watch what you change it will hurt your forums i have done the same thing and it caused issues with the forums
  7. find a image you want and up load it to your server Admin Control Panel-> Members-> Member Groups -> Manage User Groups. Click on the rank you want to edit. For the Group Icon Image enter in: <YOUR FORUMS>/public/style_extra/team_icons public/style_extra/team_icons/<name of pic here> <img src='<FULL URL TO THE PIC. SO LIKE HTTP://WWW.YOURWEBSITE/....>'><span style='font-weight:bold;color:<COLOR OF YOUR PIC>'> And for Group Formatting Suffix put in: </span>
  8. i will put it in the tutorial found it on the web
  9. what ipb are u using
  10. i upgrade to 4.30 and in the admin i am seeing this message witch i posted a image how to fix this it showed up after upgrade
    this worked perfect i add to the upgrade fix every thing from my last download
  11. do you have any hosting because this would be the close thing to FaceBook socialnetwork