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  1. Purchase a plugin from the Marketplace

    @D347HxD Excellent, I sent you PM with Paypal request
  2. Hi everyone, I have a request to do: I would like to purchase this plugin Text Slider Widget 1.0.0 but not having the license, it is not possible for me. Can anyone do it for me? Tell me how I can send the payment ... P.S. I hope I did not have a wrong section for the request
  3. I'm looking for updates to these plugins

    Hi guys, does anyone have the chance to recover these two free plugin / application updates? Member Map Group Color on User Link 11
  4. It is always a pleasure to see that the team is enriched with new valid elements ... @WhatWentDown @Shu Congratulations!
  5. New button for Editor

    Amazing! Thanks @Cookie Monster Here you can close
  6. New button for Editor

    Hi everyone, I would have a request to make you: how can I create a new button in the Default Editor, which is "active"? I try to explain myself better: when I have to insert some text or other, in a spoiler, I highlight the part that interests me and then click on the top button represented by an eye (spoiler /spoiler) that automatically inserts all the selected text to me inside of a spoiler. I would like to get the same result with a new button that inserts the selected text into the Tag Hide (hide /hide) Can you tell me if there is a possibility to create a new button that works this way, and if so, how should I do? Hoping to be able to explain clearly, thanks to anyone who can help me
  7. How to make awesome icons

    I believe this will be useful to you
  8. [Release Notes] 3.2.1

    Personal opinion, this is perhaps the only change that does not convince me completely (at least on Browser Chrome, on others I do not know if it's the same thing): a little too thin but above all it is white on white and does not appear very well
  9. [Release Notes] 3.2.0

    If I remember correctly, there is no switch for this plugin but the volume is only adjustable by ACP (only for all) P.S. I love this new theme
  10. Group Color Format

    @Setup Sorry, Inexperienced question: what is the difference between this plugin and this one? Group Color on User Link 10
  11. I solved the problem by deleting this plugin 2 Letters in Profile Letters 1.0.1 Without this, everything works correctly Evidently it was in conflict with the automatic avatar system with the letters of IPS Here you can close, thanks
  12. Snow

    @user-666 I think the Topic is a bit confused: what you have entered today, is not the update of the IPSViet plugin ... They are two different authors, two different plugins and above all two different results (with this one today you do NOT get the result of the screen, unfortunately)
  13. I'm looking for updates to these plugins

    I have sent to Staff both this plugin for IPS 4.2 Snow 1.3.1 and this for IPS 4.2 Christmas Lights 1.1.1
  14. I'm looking for updates to these plugins

    @Cookie Monster Yes, thanks... I had already seen this but it is a different plugin than the one asked by me, and then this is for only IPS 4.0 / 4.1 Anyway it's not important: I managed to recover it a little while ago ... if I can, I'll send it to you tomorrow