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  1. @ilovekiwi If you want to change the names and choose your favorite order, in ACP> System> Menù Manager you can customize it to your liking But if this is your case, I think your request should be made in the "Support" area and not here But if you need further changes, I apologize if my bad English, did not make me understand your request
  2. @demon1234 This offers a lot of customizations ... try it
    Thanks for sharing but it was already present on Webflake ... (and it works well also on 4.3.3) Would you need the new 1.2.1 update if you have the availability (updated April 10)
  3. You're in the wrong section: this is not for requests
  4. To those who had found my same difficulty listed above and was interested in using this tutorial on IPS 4.3.3, just remove the transparency in the second part of the code. It works perfectly to me Thanks to @Davlin for the help
    I installed it without receiving any errors and it works well
    Really good for those, like me, can not do it autonomously by following the respective Tutorial (I'm too inexperienced ) or simply for those who prefer to have everything ready without risk of making mistakes in doing so. It works really well and support for any doubt, question, request is incredible Thanks!
  5. @TheGamingChief it happened to me too and I solved thanks to this discussion
  6. Can this help you? But it has not yet been tested on 4.3 Forum Name Colored 2.0.2
  7. Can someone help me with my request?
  8. @#N3CK Sorry for the delay in the reply but, thank you, it works. Now the help request can be closed
  9. Welcome... I think so many will appreciate ... Thanks for sharing
  10. Thanks for your kind help, I'll let you know if I can do it