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  1. plugin thanks

    If I'm not mistaken, the plugin request section should be another ...? This is for WEBSITE SCRIPTS
  2. plugin thanks

    @jacdem A small research is sufficient ...
  3. #elChatboxContent .ipsDataItem_new { background: #000 !important; } I use this and it works for me ... Try it
    Thanks for sharing but compatibility is only 4.0 and 4.1 I just tried it on 4.3 believing it was an update of what I had but it works very badly
    It also works perfectly on 4.3.2 (With necessary changes)
    It has already been added to Webflake previously
    Thank you so much for sharing this plugin EDIT: For @ivofacundoktk in the message above Maybe I do not translate English well and maybe I do not understand perfectly but ... I seem to read that you're testing it for 3 or 4 days or am I wrong? If so, I wonder how you're testing it, since the plugin was added to Webflake only 13 hours ago ...?
  4. If I understand correctly, maybe this can be useful It is not the most updated version but it still works for me
  5. Maybe this can be useful (it works for me)
    After entering the message to be sent automatically and saved the settings, the message is displayed double, divided by a comma, in this way (it stores both translations) Does anyone know how to solve the problem? Or at least prevent the dual editor for the language to appear, so that only one text of the message can be displayed?
  6. @hardxeno Welcome! I love Italy ... Which parts of Italy are you from?
  7. Hi, Someone can kindly upload the new free version of Chatbox Extender 1.0.14 ?
  8. It is a pleasure to see that more people are working to help all those who, like me, need assistance and advice ... Congratulations to @killshandra and @Lucidious
  9. Hi guys, does anyone have the chance to recover these two free plugin / application updates? Member Map (I found it and sent to Staff) Group Color on User Link 11 (I found it and sent to Staff )