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  1. yes i did, i was using Zeron theme, the updated version of that theme didnt support the app.....so i purchased the Veizor theme and it works flawlessly! thank you for the support....and thank you WebFlake for the file...look forward to working with more
  2. i dont want to get anymore warning points...but i figured it out last night....i have the latest version and im waiting for 4.2.......oh, by the way, you understood wrong what i said
  3. im not getting errors......its just not the full package......i don't know how to set it fully......i have the full version on my site, have it set up....but i cant seem to fugure out how to make a group that can over one member my sit is in my profile ok, i know what exactly im missing...how and where do you set the group made permissions...like it says that the group leader should be able to set auto join or to be approved...plus other options for the group leader.....how do i make these options show up??
  4. I need help with the collaborations file i downloaded the demo first, and when i went to uninstall it, it completely flatlined my site....then i reinstalled it and all came back....i downloaded the full version off of here, and it says that the file has been successfully installed and i see the full version form.....but im not sure if i under stand how to set it up......when i go and set up the category, it doesn't let a full group option...like i made a collab under the catagory, but i don't see where it lets you set the group up, let other members join, or to do the other stuff i enabled for the category collab groups to do....can someone help me??
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