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  1. Add Message before the First post

    Thanks for this, I added it on my site and it works well.
  2. Create You're Own Widget Locations

    Thanks for the tut. This helps more. appreciate the tutorial....
  3. facebook Comments

    Thanks for the tutorial this helps me out to add more to my forum.
  4. Fixing problem with dates on mobile

    Thanks for the tutorial man, This helps alot.
  5. How to make a moving IPS logo

    thanks for the tutorial. This helped alot and its appreciated.
  6. Discord account settings

    thanks for the tut.
  7. Remove Nulled in AdminCP

    Thanks for this tutorial man. appreciated.
  8. Was good peeps

    Was up peeps I am new to the community, I came here to find plugins and apps for my site and hope to stay here longer.