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  1. Hi! I fixed it by reinstalling mamp pro, still dunno what caused the issue but now with new install it works. Thanks.
  2. Ok! Ill try to reinstall mamp pro, maybe that will help, problem is ill have to backup all my localhost sites
  3. HI Mr. Rocks! I´ll answer the best I can, before the installation starts all the requirements are met. After the installation is complete and shows those 2 buttons to go to main site or admin site, both show that error. I have searched on google and found that only localhost can be used, no IP or alias can be used on this version, and im using localhost. I have other websites and older versions of ipboard on my localhost all working great. Also I went to my php log and found that im getting a error on some line in my .ini file, but all I see there is code and I dont actually understand. If I post here that code will it help? I now tried installing it on windows using xampp and all is working (installation way longer than on mac), but since macosx is my computer I would like to make it work there. Thanks.
  4. Hi, I just downloaded this version and installed it on localhost, and i´m getting this error after install. I´m using mamp pro on a mac with php version 7.4.1. I tried to reinstall and same thing happens.
  5. Hi all. I´m working in a project about a sports betting forum community. That forum will be image heavy since images are the main share information. I need a bit of help here since im new to this image hosting. Option 1 I guess would be to host them in same server as the forum, but I thought it would be better to host them diferent place, and here starts my questions. Is there free options to acomplish this? Are the paid options to expensive for just hosting images? Before you ask, I have no ideia on how much traffic will be on the forum and how many daily images will be uploaded, since it will start from 0. Any help on this matter I would be very thankfull. Thanks
  6. I know how to style them individually with extraless, I create a random css class and I apply all customizations for that specific block. Want I dont know, is how can I call that css class in the block itself ?
  7. Hi. I´m using xenforo 2.1 with UI.X Pro. I´m currently trying to change some blocks styles ( changing colors, images and so on ..) on the sidebar. Some of them will be unique. I´m thinking in styling the blocks on the .less file but how can I apply that on a certain block? Thanks
  8. Hi, I think I understand what you wrote here, but I dont have those skills to make the plugin or app. If you can write an example I can wait, theres no problem with that. And thanks for the help.
  9. Hi. I need to know how to accomplish this for a project. I need a way to count the member posts from a certain forum ID. In the end it should look like this: I have been searching for ways to make this work, I have found some applications like the basic points, points economy, and other but all with way to many options and without what I need. Any help with this will be much appreciated. Thanks
  10. whats the price on both of them?
  11. Got it working! Changed my php version from 7.0.32 to 7.2.10
  12. I downloaded ipboard 4.4.0 from webflake, and i´m trying to install it on localhost to test it but cant install, it doesnt even go to install page. Is there any special requirements to this version. All i´m getting is a blank page when going to localhost:8888/forum. I´m on mac and using mamp pro. I have lots of ipboard versions running on diferent projects in localhost, all without any problems. Had to choose "Prefix IPS 4.3" when creating the topic because there´s no option for 4.4. thanks
  13. I´m curious if anyone here plays World of Tanks. Been playing it for 5 years so far. what stage/level do you think the game is atm?
  14. Lately i´ve been working more with ipboard, and I starting to like it more than vbulletin. If anyone knows a way to join both platforms, wordpress and ipboard, I would aprecciate any help.
  15. Does anyone knows how can this be done? I´m building a website in wordpress, but it will have a vbulletin forum. with a plugin I already integrated the users both from WP and Vbulletin, that way they can login either in WP or in vbulletin. But I want to see the wordpress theme header and footer in my vbulletin page also, been trying but got nothing so far. thanks
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