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    Is this app have any widgets ?
  1. I tried the host with both Localhost and my host's name and I filled all details correctly still its showing that error
  2. sorry, i don't understand that what u r saying.. try what and which folder ?
  3. Hi there, I have tried to install 4.3 beta version from this website. While Adding Server details , I clicked Continue then its Showing like this
  4. If you guys never broken any bones , Don't worry I will break it if u come here xD
  5. Wow It is in 26th page and I am the WINNER
  6. So I have to wait for the official full release Anyways it will be for free here xD
  7. Hi there, I am just here to tell that 4.3 Beta version released before a week maybe. I know that you guys already knew abt that but still I can't find any downloads or other stuffs related to the 4.3 beta version Waiting for the 4.3
    Awesome Bro <3
  8. Thanks . Works perfectly awesome tutorial
  9. @Rekoboy Sorry bro Winner is here <3
  10. @unknoweb Thanks bro its working.. Waiting for the version 7.0.1 xD
  11. @CyberOn Thanks Dude , it helps me alot <3
  12. It is saying Please check if CometChat is installed in the correct directory.The 'cometchat' folder should be placed at /cometchat When I visit install.php