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  1. I have to delete all stuffs in my ipb 4.2 forums and want a new one without uploading the files again to my web server.. Any idea to rest my web ??
    Is this app have any widgets ?
  2. If you guys never broken any bones , Don't worry I will break it if u come here xD
  3. Wow It is in 26th page and I am the WINNER
    Awesome Bro <3
  4. Thanks . Works perfectly awesome tutorial
  5. @Rekoboy Sorry bro Winner is here <3
  6. @unknoweb Thanks bro its working.. Waiting for the version 7.0.1 xD
  7. It is saying Please check if CometChat is installed in the correct directory.The 'cometchat' folder should be placed at /cometchat When I visit install.php
  8. Thanks now I can write there , But Still shoutbox 4.1.4 is not showing emoji and Chat box 2.0.0 is loading loading loading ....
  9. Hi there, I have 2 problems with my IPB 4.2 Site 1. When I try to write a post , I cant write anything there in Fline Theme but in Default theme I can post topic . 2. In my website Chat Box is not working its loading loading loading.. Nothing happened and when I try to Shoutbox , the emoji is not showing there Please help me Thanks in Advance ..
  10. When I install IPS 4.2.7 , The browser is closed due to some problems in my PC , Then when I open that site, It is showing like this.. Help mE
    I dont have license key . I have replaced that license.php but that still not working Plz help me