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  1. did you checked if they will made/give you any backup of your site or in case check if you can make and save a backup by yourself
  2. quick search in download section of WF https://webflake.sx/files/file/5308-slider-maker/ or there is a plug in called gallery in topic
  3. check if skin and or plugin work with the forum version you have
  4. killshandra

    BIM ChatBox

    did you set permission in the settings, are you sure you got the right version for you
  5. pls give us back a dark theme its way more easy on my eyes
  6. https://webflake.sx/files/category/149-themes/
  7. killshandra

    Soft post delete

    you can hide the post instead of deleting it
  8. try guil wars 2 the core is free so you can have a good idea of what you can and cant do , than if you decide you like you can buy the expansion and have more content
  9. in the data field you ve either a wrong password, or no password at all (you need to fill the password) so check that db name, db user, and password are all correct
  10. dont use free hosting, gave a quick look to what settings they use and you re barely able to install ipb, take a cheap hosting (can cost less than 3 $) and you will be already able to do better
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