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  1. on the same place you created the forum you can put a icon of your choice
  2. all thing regarding a theme are on the same spot under customization
  3. do you even try to do or search something alone ?
  4. check here , quite a lot of option
  5. you mean something like this
  6. first question: are you sure they re the right version ? second question; did you made it default ? third question : are they visible for groups ?
  7. hey i have a question regarding the user group prefix that is displayed in the topic view right above the group pip. is there a way i can remove that? i know it can be done i just forget how.

    1. Captain America

      Captain America

      @lol123 use the forum for support

  8. do you happen to push the return button, sometimes cause thats what normally happen
  9. some shared hosting (at least happened to me before changing), did gave a default version 7 set up, that caused error on ip board
  10. also if its a nulled version try remove ips spam service.
  11. this if the hosting has automaticly enabled the function you need for ip board, sometimes shared hosting have the basic or almost none of the function, in the php selection panel. hope it clear im still on my first cup of coffee
  12. franckly i dont even know which they re cause probably are not my standard for a theme
  13. welcome back , cookie
  14. necro posting ftw
  15. most likely the theme you re using its not updated to the version of ipb you re using solutions: go back to the version you were using put the default theme take a new theme last thing you can try to do its clear the cache and see if if works