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  1. check here check in the webflake section for legacy ipb
  2. can maybe make another try but not a lot of space for working
  3. if you downloaded here most likely somebody bought it ^^
  4. you only dont pay but you want also remove the copyright for the person that did all the work for you, would be kind respetfull of that person to leave at least the copyright intact
  5. than belated welcome
  6. either this or you re trying installing a retail version for which you dont have license
  7. for me seems pretty easy its abusing your kindness without even say thanks
  8. seems one of the themes of ipsfocus
  9. hoping you can solve soon. fort all the other congratulation on the level up
  10. no no you didnt do anything wrong, i was speaking of the initial/original post, sorry if in anyway i did make seem otherwise
  11. this a old theme for 3.4 with a bit of patience you could have searched something similar here
  12. problem he is not really correct in what he is asking, cause logo its what you posted, while he more precisely asked for a banner with logo
  13. \o/
  14. I ve stillnot done the upgrade mostly for 2 reason, do you know if video application will be messed up and also what plugin /application will go to the waste ? In short how much 4.2 will messup my site
  15. no free good hoster