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  1. I am a verified customer si invision if someone wants plugin or app that can not find here I can buy them for you, with you, thanks

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    2. Jeffrey


      I wouldn't say that too loud ;)

    3. ARCAD1A


      @scriptzbase yes can I have it

    4. Orly


      Hello, @ARCAD1A. God bless you,

      For our Christian community it would be a great blessing if you can do us this favor


      We would be very grateful.

  2. if you need plugins or ips app tell me, I'm here to help you:clown:

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    2. Isabel


      Thanks for the reply

      Does not appear in the editor? I do not see any buttons: after installing the plugin, do I just have to copy the link and paste it in the text field?

    3. ARCAD1A



      if you enter a file then add the reader

    4. Isabel


      Ok, I'll try as soon as possible ... In the meantime, thank you very much

  3. Version 2.0.2


    About This File This plugin will allow users to set up an automatic reply to personal conversation when they're not available. A new option will be added on Account Settings to users from selected groups. They will be able to enable the auto reply and type the auto reply content. Users with this feature enabled will view a global message warning about the auto reply and will show a link to disable it. Settings (Admin CP): Groups allowed to use this feature Settings (per user on Account Settings): Enable Auto Reply Auto reply content Note: Due to the rework on plugin (every new resource has to be done from the scratch to run on IPS4), a new purchase is required. Thank you for your understanding. What's New in Version 2.0.2 See changelog Released October 18 IPS 4.1.9 Compatibility

  4. Version 1.0.2


    About This File With this application you can change the standard "follow" user behaviour. Each followed member must approve someone request. You can log it, approve, reject via ACP. You can also manage profile privacy. You can set default mode for all profiles and allow/disallow choose it by each member with customizable options for it! It has been discused and many members wants it. Profile privacy options: profile is open for all profile is open for registered users only profile is open for (approved) followers only profile closed for all It's available as setting field, so that the user can choose his preference. And other setting in ACP where default for new users can be set. Profile privacy feature was sponsored by @Sonya*. What's New in Version 1.0.2 See changelog Released November 18 - new option to add/remove in both ways. For example if user A want to follow user B and the user B will approve request from user A then also user B will start follow the user A.

  5. Version 20


    About This File All the things you want changed or restored in one single plugin! Everything including as they say... Restores topic stats! Topic authors can always edit first posts! Customize the breadcrumb! Remove the Create menu! Better IPS update notifications! Change the lightbox! More! Why? There are many small things with the IPS suite that need to be customize-able or restored from the 3x series. I could write a bajillion single-use plugins or I can put some effort into it, pile them all into one plugin, and make a few bucks for the work (and she is wrapping up her second cancer in three years so yes, money good...) New in KS 20: Bug fixes for Forum Posts Sort Order and Searchlight function. Add Member avatar/name to movie menu option. New in KS 19: Search results content gets search term highlighting! That's a restored 3x feature. Customizable too! Set the default sort order for search results: relevancy or newest. Sort posts in topics by Desc (newest first) order. Other stuff I forget... New in KS 18: Beats me, I skipped this version. New in KS 17: A couple uncommon bug fixes Built-in post bit compatibility fixes for a few 3rd-Party apps. New option to limit the number of attachments per post (probably affects all editors with file attachment areas) New in KS 16 Fix for removing the word "edited" alongside the post date in forums - topics - post view. Restored H2 element on topic view now includes time since last post in topic. New horizontal text format option for displaying both topic and post counts in forum view. New in KS 15 Option to restore the topic view H2 element, including the number of posts in topic statistic. Built-in fix for Post Notes application hook problem with KS. New in KS 14 New Full Inbox Warning Option. Restored multi-mod actions for the first post in a topic. Merge only. New in KS 13 4.2 compatible. Do not use with 4.19.x or lower! New feature to adjust the suite-wide animation speeds. New less-noisy stream view option (applies to club view too). Toggle off Clubs pseudo-sidebar to reclaim a ton of space on a Club index page. Option to allow forum index categories to display the category description as well (this was added in KS 12) Option to remove the forum name from the topic author line in topics. Forum post controls now consistently formatted like the multi-quote button. Add the last post datetime to the section title on topic view has been removed for now. Follow button formatting has been removed in this version while this undergoes revision for 4.2. So this includes...? Global: Customize the breadcrumb! Remove the last element, swap out the home icon, etc. Control appearance of Mark Site Read and Unread Content (just words, just icons, or move them out of the breadcrumb to the user menu). Square up the appearance of the search entry area. Customize the light box! Full screen effect? White instead of black? Yes! Customize the error page. Change the FA icon, swap it out for an image, more! Enable a compact star rating display! Userbar: Disable the Create menu. Replace the Create menu appearance with just a FontAwesome icon. I recommend fa-pencil. Remove all horizontal separators in the userbar. Change the member menu dropdown link. Leave it as the default avatar and member name, just member name, or just avatar. Calendar: When you scroll down, the view title (day, month, week, etc.) is pinned to the very top edge of the browser. Adds padding to make it look much better. Square up those calendar and event tags from those rounded monstrosities. Make the cover photo header area for events much bigger (larger event title font too). Forums and Topics: Restores the 3x series topic count statistic on forum index views. Yes, it's back! Can choose to display post count, topic count or both on forum index views. Add a locked icon badge in front of topic titles in topic view when a topic is locked (similar to pinned and featured posts). Change start new topic, moderator option, etc. links in topic view to appear as buttons instead of text links. Disable reply to topic button if you like (no one really uses it anymore...) Fully customize-able new posts separator in topic view. Set some basic info in custom.css and then use the full editor here to add content! Change number of topics listed per page on forum view (same as one of my free plugins). Disable both the quote and multi-quote buttons in post view to force users to select specific text to quote instead of entire posts. First posts: Allow all topic authors to edit their first posts regardless of any edit time restrictions in the ACP. You can even configure this on a per-forum basis! Post view: A bunch of structural options. Hide the multi-quote button. Move the quote and/or edit buttons under the options menu. Change the options menu to a single gear icon. IPS Upgrades: For admins with permissions to view upgrade announcements this replaces the full page width upgrade announcement header with a pulsing download icon in the userbar. Clicking it displays a popup with the complete upgrade information. (The pulse is sped up for the gif. It's slower on normal upgrades; security upgrades will pulse faster but not this fast (and they pulse red!) I've probably forgotten some stuff. And there is more to come too! Questions Can I ask for something to be changed or included? Yes, absolutely! That's kind of the whole point of this. There are some basic rules though. If I think it is too involved, or I think that once I start it that it would be better off as it's own plugin I'll pass. Just ask in the support topic and we'll go from there. I decide in the end, you may or may not like my decisions... What if IPS changes something and... If they add something into the suite that I fixed/added here then it will probably be removed from Kitchen Sink. No need to duplicate functionality. If something in this plugin breaks due to a change in the IPS Suite I'll of course try to fix it if it is fixable. Or I might remove it until it can be fixed; I expect things to change over the years - you should too. Seems to be forums heavy... Yep. I can only target what I'm most familiar with. If you need something with the other applications speak up! The focus of this plugin is on the Core, Calendar, and Forums. I can fold in some stuff from the other apps if they are small things but otherwise I've got something else in the works for Gallery, Commerce, and Downloads (yes, another all in one...probably). Anything on the ACP side? No but... Spacious ACP! Get that! This <feature> isn't working on my site! If you have custom.css that conflicts, or your custom theme has moved elements around, and so on, there is not a lot I can do. I can give you some help in the support topic but the further you (or theme authors) move away from the default IPS structure the harder it will be for plugins to work. Most of Kitchen Sink should work for everyone. I do not support modified themes but I'll lend a hand as I can time permitting. This plugin has been tested on a fresh 4.2 installation of the IPS suite with no other plugins loaded and no custom.css. Cost $25 to buy, $7 every six months. Regular renewals keep me perky enough to want to support this wonderful monster. Your renewals get you support, bug fixes, and new features too! Terms One buy, one site. Feel free to use on your test site if you have one of course. If you lapse on renewals so long that I tell you to buy it again that does NOT mean you now have licenses to two separate copies. All rights reserved, etc... AFTER INSTALLATION Be sure to drag KS to the top of your list of plugins in the ACP. The order of the plugins in that list is the order in which they are built out into the IPS system and given that KS does so much stuff, to avoid conflicts with other plugins, drag it all the way to the top! Thank You! What's New in Version 20 See changelog Released Thursday at 06:01 AM KS 20: Bug fixes for Searchlight, Forum Post Sort Order Option to add Member name/avatar to mobile menu. ALERT: Available for download here is KS 12 Support 1 for legacy and lower users.

  6. Version 1.0.0


    About This File With this plugin you will be able to detect AdBlock browser plugin that blocks your website ads. It will display a block message that will disable all website if the user didn't disable his AdBlocker.... This plugin comes with these features: 1- Select user groups that will be blocked if the enabled AdBlocker. 2- Choose if you need to cover website page by overlay black page and adjust its opacity + FadeIn time. 3- Choose if you need to disable the vertical navigation scroll bar. 4- Message Header Text. 5- Message Body Text (Full CKE). 6- Button Text. The block message will only disappear if the user disabled AdBlocker in his browser. This's a very basic initial release, and it's planned to add more features according to your suggestions...

  7. Version 1.0.0


    About This File Plugin which enhances the information available in the list of names generated when using @mention functionality Option to show account's online status. Option to show icons showing the account's notification settings for "Someone mentions me in a post" i.e. email & inline includes ability to manage the icons for enabled/disabled status of those settings (uses Font-Awesome) Option to show name of account's primary group. includes ability to show group as plain text or as formatted in group settings. Ability to exclude certain groups from the list, as well as exclude banned and validating accounts. Compatible with IPS 4.1 (tested with and IPS 4.2 (tested with 4.2.0 up to 4.2.4) Plugin hooks in to the core->global->editor->mentionrow template This plugin does not provide the ability to mention a group. If you require that functionality, then this plugin is more suitable. NOTE: if you require support then please post in the provided support topic. Do not use PM and do not use the review functionality.

  8. Version 1.0.17


    This resource will give more power to Club Owners. They will be able to execute functions currently only possible in the Admin CP. Features: Add ability to create a custom HOME page for the Club Convert forums or apps categories into Club Features with a single click, so you don't need to manually move a bunch of items (topics, images, files, events, etc) - Admin CP feature. Convert Club Features into forums or categories Manage Club Features: Reorder (drag and drog) features Disable features: items from a disabled feature will not appear in the Club activity stream Delete features: just like on ACP, with option to delete content or move it to another club/category. Ability to ADMINS ban/unban members from the whole clubs. A banned member won't be able to access any club page, including its content (topics, files, images, etc.). IMPORTANT: Club items will continue to appear in Activity Streams, profiles, searchs, etc. The restriction will happen only when the member tries to read them. Allow members to choose which features will be automatically created when creating a club. Restrict number of equal features per club (example: you can only have one "topic" feature). Restrict Number of Clubs per member. Restrict Number of Clubs a member can join. Add ability to create a QUESTION feature when creating a feature from FORUMS app. Add members to the club (setting to allow Club Owners to use it. Admins can use it). Add members from a specific user group to the club (secondary groups checked) (setting to allow Club Owners to use it. Admins can use it). Change owner of the club. Change type of the club (option according to the owner group setting). Display club icons on users posts Display club icons on user profile (hover card) Settings: Allow admins/club owners to create a custom HOME page for the Club Restrict Number of Features? Number of features per club Allow Club Owners to manually ADD MEMBERS? Display 'Added By' info when admin/owner add members manually Display Club Icon on posts panel? Number of Club Icons to display Club Icons Sort Order: name, last activity and random Display Club Icons on Hovercard Profile? Number of Club Icons to display Club Icons Sort Order: name, last activity and random What's New in Version See changelog Released November 18 Fix error when you go to category of a app that doesn't use Clubs, like Pages. 10.1.16: New features: Add ability to convert a club feature into a forum/category. Add ability to ban/unban members from the whole clubs. A banned member won't be able to access any club page, including its content (topics, files, images, etc.). IMPORTANT: Club items will continue to appear in Activity Streams, profiles, searchs, etc. The restriction will happen only when the member tries to read them. Add a style to the post container template (clubEnh_postContainer) so you can use it like you want in your custom.css. Compatibility: Member Maps by @Martin A. Club Sponsors Page by @Fosters With any other resource that adds tabs to the clubs

  9. Version 1.0.5


    This plugin will display the block with X random users Idea This plugin also: - display following counter and followers counter on hover card - display the block "Following X members" in user profile - display the page "Members %user% is Following" If you have any questions before purchase please use support topic. Support topic What's New in Version 1.0.5 See changelog Released November 24 Fixed

  10. Version 1.0.1


    About This File This plugin will allow users to choose one among 634 font awesome icons to be displayed before their link across the suite. Icon will be displayed only before the user link. Setting: Groups allowed to choose an icon Compatibility: Member's Country: https://invisionpower.com/files/file/7807-members-country/ Group Color on User Link: https://invisionpower.com/files/file/7589-group-color-on-user-link/ Made by requests. What's New in Version 1.0.1 See changelog Released July 23 Will display the fontawesome icon title beside the icon

  11. Version 1.0.3


    About This File Forum plugin which will display a HTML5 audio or video player for audio/video attachments and/or remotely linked audio/video files. Ability to enable/disable the player for audio or video or both (disabled by default, so effect will not be immediately seen on posts) Ability to enable/disable the respective players from handling remotely linked audio/video files. Ability to control the initial size of the video player so as to avoid 'large' videos pushing outside the post container. Ability to include the original link, to act as a fallback for users with browsers which cannot either display the HTML5 player or play the audio/video file Admin configurable list of audio/video file extensions. Plugin is compatible with IPS 4.1 (tested with and IPS 4.2 (tested with 4.2.5) Please note the following: If you require support then please post in the provided support topic. Do not use PM and do not use the review functionality. Plugin support does not extend to assisting you with adding support for playing a specific audio/video file/codec to your browser (Google is your friend in this situation) Want to test your browser's ability to show a HTML5 player? Go here: https://tools.woolyss.com/html5-audio-video-tester/ Questions: Why are you charging more than your usual $5 for your plugin? Development of this plugin took longer than others, and I envisage future development and support will be time consuming too. Will the plugin be extended to work on other applications in the IPS suite? I will try to develop it to work within the Pages application, however other applications will be more difficult due to me not owning licenses to use them. Never say never, but for now it's a 'No' What's New in Version 1.0.3 Released November 22 added option to use fluid width instead of fixed width/height for videos (assists with responsiveness, and helps maintain aspect ratio of original video) minor typo fixes minor modifications to settings layout, in preparation for new functionality changes in version 1.1